Witham 1500-1700: Making a Living

Cover of Witham 1500-1700: Making a Living

Illustrated by: Charles Bannister

A detailed and profusely illustrated description of everyday life in Witham in Tudor and Stuart times, including families, the plague, building, roads and bridges, the post, manors, farms, meadows, woods, shopkeepers, blacksmiths, the cloth industry, and much more. Many other towns must have been like this, so the book will help to give the flavour of your own town. And the copies of original manuscripts, with accompanying transcripts, will help you learn to read documents which relate to your own family and parish.

ISBN0 946434 02 6
Formatpaperback, A4 size.
Pagesxiv, 304.
Illustrationsover 80 photos, 50 drawings, 32 maps, 16 tables, 6 family trees, 52 facsimiles.
Includessuggested reading, notes, index.
Published byJanet Gyford in 1999.
Costby post, £13.50 in U.K., and £20 in U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc. (sterling only, no credit cards) from Janet Gyford, Blanfred, Chalks Road, Witham. Essex. CM8 2BT, England. Or £15 from U.K. bookshops.