Ager family, Cecil, Frank etc

Ager family, i.e. Cecil, Frank, etc.

See interviews 26, 37, 38, 40, and 41.
See also the King family, (in the People category)


1871 census
RG 10/1695, f.67, p.22, schedule 141, Half Hides
Thomas Ager    Head    M    52    Farm labourer    born Essex, Rivenhall
Mary Ager    Wife    M    42        born Essex, Messing
Frederick Ager    Son    U    14    Farm labourer    born Essex, Witham
Charles Ager    Son    U    13    Farm labourer    born Essex, Witham
Henry Ager    Son    U    12    Farm labourer    born Essex, Witham
Alice Ager    Dau    U    10    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Ellen Ager    Dau    U    8    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Emily Ager    Dau    U    6    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
James Ager    Son    U    4        born Essex, Witham
Annie Ager    Dau    U    2        born Essex, Witham
Eliza Ager    Dau    U    8 mo        born Essex, Witham

1881 census
RG 11/1808, f.52, p.20, schedule 109, End Way, ditto [Hoo Hall] farm
Thomas Ager    Head        58
[sic]    Ag lab    born Essex, Rivenhall
Mary Ager    Wife        50        born Essex, Messing
Frederick Ager    Son    Unm    24    Ag lab    born Essex, Witham
Charles Ager    Son    Unm    23    Ag lab    born Essex, Witham
Henry Ager    Son    Unm    22    Ag lab    born Essex, Witham
James Ager    Son    Unm    15    Ag lab    born Essex, Witham
Annie Ager    Dau        12    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Eliza Ager    Dau        10    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Arthur Ager    Son        7    Scholar    born Essex, Witham

1891 census
RG 12/1424, f.43, p.11, schedule 78, Browns Cottage, Rivenhall
Thomas Ager    Head    M    72    Agricultural labourer (employed)    born Essex, Rivenhall
Mary Ager    Wife    M    68
[sic]        born Essex, Rivenhall
Arthur Ager    Son    S    18    Agricultural labourer (employed)    born Essex, Witham
John Germain[?]    Son in law    M    41    Grocer, provision merchant (neither employer nor employed)    born Hants, Gosport
Ellen Germain[?]    Dau    M    27        born Essex, Witham
Percy H Germain[?]    Grandchild    S    3        born Hants, Gosport
Archie W Germain[?]    Grandchild    S    1        born Hants, Gosport

1901 census
RG 13/1724, f. 135, p.4, schedule 25, Browns Cottage, Rivenhall (just after Pond farm in list)
Arthur Ager    Head    Mar    27    Carman for seed firm    born Essex, Witham
Jane Ager    Wife    Mar    26        born Essex [sic], Stoke by Nayland
Edward Ager    Son        4        born Essex, Rivenhall
Arthur Ager    Son        3        born Essex, Rivenhall

1911 electoral register, occupation electors
Ager, Arthur, at Maldon Road.

1920 electoral register
Ager, Arthur, Maldon Road.

1930 electoral register
All at 21 Maldon Road:
Ager, Arthur
Ager, Cecil William
Ager, Christine Maud

1938 electoral register
All at Mortimer Cottage, Guithavon Valley:
King, George William
King, Georgina
King, May Georgina
Sturt, Thomas Athole
Ager, Cecil William
Ager, Christine Maud

1947 electoral register
All at 18 Guithavon Street (probably same as Mortimer Cottage as in other years):
King, Georgina
King, May G
Ager, Cecil W
Ager, Christina M
Sturt, Thomas A

1961 electoral register
All at Mortimer Cottage, Guithavon Valley:
Ager, Cecil W
Ager, Christine M
King, Georgina
King, May G
Sturt, Thomas A

1969 and 1972  electoral registers
All at Mortimer Cottage, Lockram Lane:
Ager, Cecil W
Ager, Christine
King, May G
Sturt, Thomas A

Information from Cecil Ager (born 1901)
Arthur Ager (people called him Tom). At Cooper Taber from age of 11 till he died, at 62. His father a bailiff at Rivenhall, Pond farm?, was actually Tom, is buried at Rivenhall church.


Jenny (Jane on census), she died c 1912, at 38 when Cecil was c 11, maiden name Barford, came to Wickham, family previously in Suffolk . Her father a fishmonger, near Polstead (Borley?), then to Wickham and sold fish round this area in pony and cart. Several girls, sisters.

Born Rivenhall, then came to Chipping Hill, Witham, c 1902-3, when Cecil 1 or 2 years old, near church gates. Didn’t stay long.
Then to 21 Maldon Road, aunt’s house (Wager, used to keep the Lion [a Harry Wager was at the George and Dragon in 1895 and at the Lion in 1899 and 1902 according to directories, and Harry Wager and Alice Wager were at the Red Lion in the 1901 census] when Cecil about three to seven c 1904-8, there in WW1. Said children split up for while and he went to Chelmsford when mother died c 1911. But also said stayed at Maldon Road till sister Ethel got married (1927), then went to live with Ethel.
Got married himself to Christina King c 1928, lived with wife’s mother (Mrs King) for a while.
Then back to Maldon Road so Christina could look after his father and brother [still there 1930 according to electoral register]
Then to Cressing Road [must have been between 1930 and 1938]
Then Christina ill so back to Mrs King at Mortimer Cottage, Lockram Lane [there by 1938 according to electoral register].
Then bought house [probably the same one as there in electoral registers after the King parents died and up to the 1970s].
Siblings, children of Arthur and Jane – Eddy who died at 7, Arthur, a butcher, went through the trade, Cecil, Ethel, Frank, who was 1 when mother died. Youngest brother later worked at Ashby’s garage.
Chipping Hill school till 7, then to Catholic school because small.
Butcher boy when 11 or 12 (c 1912-16) at Goodchild till 15 or 16
Then to Cooper Taber 8 or 9 years (c 1916-23)
Then at British Oxygen when c 23 ish (c 1923), didn’t like
Then Crittall, married then (probably about 1928), there in WW2, on roof, sergeant in Home Guard.

Frank Stanley Ager, born c 1910
Lived 59 Bridge Street, worked Richd Ashby’s garage
c.1966. Obituaries in undated press cutting in Betty Vale’s photo album
MR FRANK AGER – The funeral of Mr. Frank Stanley Ager, of Bridge Street, Witham, who died at his home, aged 56, took place at Chelmsford Crematorium on Monday. Mr. Ager was a member of Witham Town Football Club. Mourners were: Mrs. M. Ager, widow; Mr. and Mrs. A. Burke, son-in-law and daughter; Mr. C. Ager and Mr. B. Ager, sons; Mr. and Mrs. A. Ager, Mr. and Mrs. G. Ager, brothers and sisters-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. R. Ashby, brother-in-law and sister; Mr. S. Hunter, brother-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. McWhinnie; Mr. G. Ager, Mr. P. Ager, Mr. and Mrs. N. Ager, Mr. and Mrs. G. Vale, Mr. R. Ashby, Mrs. Y. Smith, Mr. H. Shellacott, Mr. P. Attle, Mrs. M. Peck, Miss S. Shellacott. Also present were: Mr. K. Hazelwood, Mr. K. Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. E. Snowden, Mr. E. H. W. Snowdon, Mr. H. Keeble, Mr. F. Gaymer, Mrs. H. Cook, Mr. Potter (of Messrs. Potter Bros.), Mr. A. Strathearn (Witham Town Football Club), and Gerald, of the garage. Floral tributes included those from: His loving wife, May; Brian and Colin (sons); Jeanette and Arthur; Arthur, Dot and family; Ethel, Dick, Ray, Lola; Yvonne, Robert, Betty and George; Cicel [sic] and Chris; Fay, Hugh and family; Marjorie, Sam David; Dad and John; Aunty Maggie, Uncle Horace and family; Vi, Peter and Derek; Mrs. Burke and family; George, Stella, Harold and Doris; Emmie; Mr. and Mrs. King and family; Roy and Joyce; Ken; Ken and Wendy; staff and customers of Ashby’s Garage; Ray and Tony and staff (Potter Bros.), Mr. and Mrs. Morrison and Mim; Bab and Mary Laws; Mr. and Mrs. Bailey (The Swan), Cyril, Muriel and friends at the The George and Dragon; Vi and Cyril (The Crochet); Witham Town Football Club.-Funeral arrangements were by the Co-operative Funeral Service, Chelmsford.
MRS. F. AGER and FAMILY, of 59 Bridge Street, Witham wish to THANK all relatives and friends and neighbours, also the customers and colleagues of the Garage, Messrs R. A. Ashby and Son, where the late Mr. Ager was employed: also friends at the “George and Dragon” the “Morning Star,” the “Swan,” and “The Crochet,” for all the kindness and sympathy shown in their great loss, and for all the floral tributes sent. Please accept this as the only acknowledgement

Photos in Janet Gyford’s collection, with relevant Agers, other than those copied from Betty Vale which are M2325, M2345 (also excludes the two Gordon Agers and their families)
Ref    Date of photo    Description
M503_    1940s approx
(from Pat Vojak)    Party at Pinkham’s glove factory, 1 Chipping Hill. Includes, the following (see drawing in links file for which is which): Eunice Wright, Sid Keeble, Joyce Springett, Doris Taylor, Glynis ???, Chris Andrews, Mary Rushen, Mrs Woods, Jamie Andrews, Blanche Keeble (nee Parmenter), Jean Kimber, ??? Harris, Leslie (Bert) Pinkham, Nell Hammond, Mrs Elizabeth Ager.
M1593    1890s approx
(from Anne Barber)    Thomas Ager and Jeannie on their wedding day. Lived in Rivenhall at first and then on Chipping Hill green, probably at the house later no. 26 Chipping Hill and later still incorporated into 30 Chipping Hill. Children were probably Eddy, Arthur, Cecil, Ethel (married Richard Arthur Ashby) and Frank. Jeannie died young at the age of 38 (about 1912) and the others moved to Maldon Road, probably 21 Maldon Road. Information (1) from letter from Mrs Anne Barber in 2002 (on paper files), and (2) from oral history tapes 37, 40 and 41, interviews in 1981 with Cecil Ager (born 1902) and his wife Christina.
M1594    1905 approx
(from Anne Barber)    Jeannie Ager with her daughter Ethel and her son Arthur, at the side of 26 Chipping Hill (later part of no 30 Chipping Hill). The wall of the churchyard is on the right. Children of the family were probably Eddy, Arthur, Cecil, Ethel and Frank. Jeannie died young at the age of 38 (about 1912) and the others moved to Maldon Road, probably 21 Maldon Road. Information (1) from letter from Mrs Anne Barber in 2002 (on paper files), and (2) from oral history tapes 37, 40 and 41, interviews in 1981 with Cecil Ager (born 1902) and his wife Christina.
M1595    1922
(from Anne Barber)    Edward Wallace Ashby and wife Roxanne Ashby. Location unknown. He was born at Ollington Suffolk in 1869 and died at Hatfield Peverel in 1952. She was born in 1874 at Black Notley as Roxanne Emery, died 1955 at Hatfield Peverel. They had a lot of children – Alice, Thomas (killed 1917 in War), Edward, Richard Arthur (married Ethel Ager), Katie (died aged 5), Wallace Alfred, Robert (Bob, died a millionaire after selling Home Farm in Witham), Lionel, John, Evelyn, Jane. First lived on rented smallholding in Rivenhall, then at the Cherry Tree pub in Witham, also with a smallholding, and then to Home Farm, Maltings Lane, Witham, as farmers. Information from letter from Mrs Anne Barber in 2002 (on paper files),
M1631    1955 approx
(from Pete Brannan)    Cast of play at Bramston school. Back row, left to right, Pete Brannan (who played a ghost), ‘Aggy’ Ager, ? Jones, Peter Bushell. Front row, left to right, ???, Maureen Loads, Bob Keeble.
M1683    May 1945
(from Yvonne Carpenter)    VE day party for Millbridge Road and Guithavon Road. Photo of children dressed up in garden of 13 Millbridge Road. In background is ‘Bankside’, 20 Highfields Road, where the damage caused by a bomb in the Second World War can be seen. Mr and Mrs Hodges who lived there were sheltering under a table and were not injured. Yvonne Stiff (now Mrs Carpenter) is not in the photo and she can remember being told to stand aside !  In the photo are, back row, left to right, Patricia Blake-Lobb (turban), Shirley Thorogood (specs), June Wade (uniform), Peggy Rowland (bride) (later Mrs Ager), Gillian Songer (tall hat) (later Mrs Butler), Jane Palmer (no hat) (later Mrs Woodwards), Eric Christey (barrel?), Gordon Everett (with sign), David Sitch (with hammer and sickle on shirt), Peter Howard (Mrs Mop). Front row, left to right, Pauline Woodbine (Britannia), Colin Baldwin (Red Indian), Patricia Woodbine (with pinny) (later Mrs Helps), Vivienne Nichols (on seat, no hat), Sheena Reader (on seat, with hat), Janice Nicholls (nurse), Paula Songer (with union jacks) (later Mrs Cant), Janet Blake-Lobb (with cap).
M1819    24th September 1966 (from Colin Ager via Brian Knight)    Opening of new Fire Station, Hatfield Road. Seen from top of tower, looking down on back of fire station. Allotments in background. By table on left are Alderman G E Rose, chairman of County Fire Brigade Committee (standing) and Councillor Ted Smith, chairman of Witham Urban District Council (with chain, in middle). Seated in second row from frotn, 4th from right, is Frank Ager (just to right of lady with hat sitting behind him). See also photo M390.
M1836    1920-1921 (from Lionel Oakley)    Newland Rangers Football Club. Used to play in field near Blunts Hall, opposite railway crossing from Hatfield Road. Back row, left to right, Jerry Mortimer (in jacket, of Adams and Mortimer builders), Wally Alger, Charles Shelley (behind, white shirt, blacksmith), Albert Drury (hat and coat), Jack Mawdsley (wearing sweater with collar), — Baldwin[?], Alan Oakley (with jacket, linesman, worked Crittall’s). Middle row, Bert (Jim) Godfrey, Harold Shelley (greengrocer, Ralph’s father), Putt Emmens. Front row, Cecil Ager, Charlie Drury, Jack Bickmore (with ball), Dick Adams, Joe Perry.
M2092    1940-1944 (from Cecil Joslin)    Crittall’s Home Guard. Outside the factory, on the south or east side. Graph top left shows record of savings. Back row, left to right, (1) Alf Baxter (medical, Braintree Road), (2) — Judd (Millbridge Road), (3) Ernie Smith (scoutmaster, Cressing Road), (4) ??? (from Coggeshall), (5) ???, (6) — Burton, (7) Dick Chapman (runner, worked in office), (8) Frank Parkin (spotter, Rickstones Road), (9) ??? (Bridge Street), (10) ???, (11) ??? (Maldon Road). Middle row, (12) Sergeant Bell? (Cressing Road), (13) Cecil Ager (confirmed by Betty Vale, his niece; no relation to 17), (14) ??? (in boiler house), (15) Rex Griggs (spotter, Maldon Road), (16) Ted Shelley (was in World War 1, Cressing Road), (17) — Ager (brother of Cyril, no relation to 13), (18) Bert Champ (Cressing Road), (19) Dick Adams (Cressing Road). Front row, left to right, (20) — Baxter, (21) ??? (Cressing Road), (22) Cecil Joslin, (23) — Woodwards, (24) — Sutton (Hatfield Peverel), (25) ???. See link for numbered version.

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