Blake, Peggy, nee Butcher

Notes on Peggy Blake, nee Butcher

See interview tapes 172, 173 and 174.

c 1920. No brothers or sisters.

George and Hilda Butcher. George was born in Braintree in 1892. Was in First World War. Then started work as photographer in 1919 with a studio in Chancery Lane. Then had a studio at 2-4 Guithavon Street in the 1920s and 1930s. Died in 1956 at age of 63.

In 1940 to John Blake, administrator in Health service.

Left school at 16 and worked for a year with father at photographers. Then to Kodak’s college.

1901 census re her father
RG 13/1725, f.78, p.10, schedule 64, Chipping Hill
(possibly Powershall End; the Victoria is schedule 66)
Sarah Butcher    Head    Wid    76    Living on own means    born Essex, Stebbing
George Butcher    Grandson        9        born Essex, Braintree

Directories re her father
1926    Butcher George Wm. photographer, 18 Guithavon road
1929    Butchers Studios: specialists in photographs for advertising purposes, Guithavon street. T N 140
1933    Butcher’s Studios, photographers, Guithavon st. T N 140
1937    Butcher’s Studios, photographers Guithavon st. T N 140

Max Blake, 8 Oakley Gardens, London, SW3 5QG

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