Cuthbe, Ken

Notes on Ken Cuthbe

See interview tapes 84 and 85

Born 1898

Father George. Mother Hannah. Father’s sisters were Rebecca, Sarah, Honour, Grace and Mercy.

Brought up in Tillingham
Aged 11-13, he spent two or three years in Worcestershire with aunt Mercy
Married life in Silver End, 64 Valentine Way.

Siblings 12 children in family altogether of whom three died aged a day or two. See census below for older ones. Others include sister Hilda three years younger. Younger sister Ethel.

1929-1944 Agent for Maldon Constituency Labour Party. Started being paid in 1934 when out of work.
Deputy Food Executive Officer in Second World War for Witham area.
Alderman of Essex County Council from 1946.

Extract from Document

1901 census
RG 13/1689, f.38, p.3, schedule 19, North Street, Tillingham
George Cuthbe    Head    M    43    Hay-binder    born Essex, Maldon
Hannah M Cuthbe    Wife    M    38        born Essex, Tillingham
George S Cuthbe    Son        11        born Essex, Tillingham
Fred Cuthbe    Son        7        born Essex, Tillingham
Nelly Cuthbe    Dau        4        born Essex, Tillingham
Kenneth Cuthbe    Son        2        born Essex, Tillingham

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