Coleman, Marjorie, nee Brown

Notes on Mrs Marjorie Coleman (nee Brown)

See interview tapes 82, 83, 115, 116.

Born May 1907 at Freebournes, 3 Newland Street, Witham.
Parents etc Albert Percy Brown known as Percy, and Catherine Mary Brown nee Wakelin. He died 1944-45. She died in 1965, just before she would have been 99.
Grandfather Joseph Wakelin of Freebournes, died at 52 (from Goldhanger originally). Uncle Robert Wakelin took over and there by 1907.
Other grandfather was Charles Brown, who had maltings in Maltings Lane and corn chandler’s shop in Newland Street and Woodend and Dengie farms. (Also at Howbridge Hall for a time)
Grandmother’s father (on mother’s side) was Robert Smith, wine merchant at what is now 35 Newland Street. He was a congregationalist. Later lived in 12 Newland Street.
Sister Born 1908. Kathleen[?]
School At first had governesses and then went away to school in Sussex (Ashtead) when she was twelve. There for nearly five years.
Married 21 September 1935 Mr F E C (Bill) Coleman
Children Lynette, now Mrs Abbott of Collingwood Road, born when they were in Herts.
Parents moved from Freebournes to Collingwood House (15 Collingwood Road) before she was a year old. She stayed there till she married in 1935.
Lived in Hertfordshire when first married, then back to Witham to parents in Second World War.
In 1961 was at 8 Avenue Road with husband and mother.
Moved to 23 Avenue Road about 1980 from across the road.
By 1987 was in 19 Whitehall Court.
Died 21 December 1995

Extracts from documents

Braintree and Witham Times
26 September 1935. Page 4 cols 2 and 3. Report of marriage of Miss M Brown and Mr F E C Coleman. She is elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Percy Brown. Mr C is from Netteswell. Nice photo with crowd behind. Long account. Going on motoring holiday in Scotland. Both are keen hockey players.

1961 electoral register
8 Avenue Road. Catherine M Brown, Frederick E C Coleman, Marjorie Coleman.

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