Filby family, re. Frances nee Filby (later Mrs Richards and after that Mrs Hawkes)

Notes on the Filby family, re Frances nee Filby (later Mrs Richards and after that Mrs Hawkes)

Also see notes on the Richards family in the People category

For interviews with Mrs Hawkes (nee Filby), earlier Richards, see interview tapes 17 and 20.

The Filby family tree
Above, the Filby family tree

First in Albert Road
Between 1901 and 1906, parents took the George.
In c. 1912 they all moved to Southend, and she stayed there for 15 years till she married in late 1920s.
After marriage, to Polperro, the Avenue for two years.
Then to Stourton, 26 Powershall End (previously 6 Powershall End)
Then after first husband died to 30 Powershall End.

Miss Church’s private school, in Newland Street near the George.

First to Harry Richards of Richards’ building firm, when she nearly 30 and he 50, so late 1920s
After widowed, married Fred Hawkes, who had been plumber for Richards’ building firm. Married to him for ten years.

None, helped at home.
One of older sisters trained at Hockerill College as a schoolteacher.


12 February 1979 aged 82

Extracts from relevant documents

1891 census
RG 12/1425, f.49, p.7, schedule 33, Braintree Road
Fredk Wm Filby    Head    M    31    Rail ticket collector    born Suffolk, Wymondham
Gertrude A Filby    Wife    M    31        born Suffolk, Eye
Gertrude Ethel Filby    Dau        10    Scholar    born Norfolk, Great Yarmouth
Fredk Wm Filby    Son        8    Scholar    born Norfolk, Great Yarmouth
Ellen M Filby    Dau        6    Scholar    born Essex, Witham

1901 census
RG 13/1725, f.65, p.21, schedule 150, Albert Road
Frederick Filbey    Head    Marr    41    Railway ticket collector    born Norfolk, Wymondham
Gertrude Filbey    Wife    Mar    41        born Suffolk, Nicton[?]
Ellen Filbey    Dau    S    16    Draper’s assistant    born Essex, Witham
Frances Filbey    Dau        4        born Essex, Witham
Benjamin Thompson    Boarder    S    16    Railway clerk    born Suffolk, Kelsale

1906-1912 inclusive Filbey Frederick William, George P.H.

Electoral register, 1920
No Filby or Philby

Electoral register, 1930
At Polperro, the Avenue, Henry William Richards and Frances Faith Richards.

Electoral register, 1938
At 6 Powershall End (later this was number 26), Harry William Richards and Frances Faith Richards.

Electoral register, 1947
At Stourton, Powershall End (then number 6, later it was number 26)
Harry W Richards, Frances F Richards. Also Crawford F Claydon, Grace J Claydon, and Monica Bull.


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