Greatrex family

Notes on Maurice Greatrex

See interview tapes 49 and 50

He born 1903, died 1995 aged 90
Mrs Greatrex born 3 April 1900 d 1995 aged 95

Quintin D Greatrex the younger (butcher), born c 1873, died at age of 82. Julia Rebecca (nee Moore), died at age of 78.

Brothers and sisters
Eight including Maurice himself. Eldest are Tom (wireless operator), Doris, Maurice, Ted (or Cliff?). Youngest is Betty, a lot younger, born c 1918. next youngest George. Others were Hilda, and Olive.


National School, Guithavon Street, then Braintree High School.

Grandfather Quintin D Greatrex had the butcher’s business till he died in 1924

Probably Braintree Road when born. Then at one time lived in one of 20-22 Chipping Hill, with back facing grandfather’s shop in Church Street (6-8). Then to Easton Road (there in 1920) Then to London Road, Chelmsford in 1928, a little while after the business closed as grandfather had died. Grandfather and two aunts lived over the shop.

While at school, Saturday work in grandfather’s butcher’s shop. Also did a round at Fairstead when older, at age c 13.
When left school, unemployed a few months and then for three years to an uncle who was a builder.
Then to Marconi in Chelmsford in woodworking line, till about 1928.
Then to Agfa in London as a travelling salesman.
Then Depression (early 1930s), back to uncle for a while and other odd jobs.
Then back to Marconi, fitting up vehicles for wireless etc., stayed till retired in c 1970, finished as chargehand in woodworking shop.
After retirement did part-time job at Grammar School for several years (started at age of 66).

Extracts from documents

1886 – 1922 inclusive, Greatrex Quintin Dick, butcher, Chipping hill
1926, Greatrex Quintin Dick, butcher, Chipping Hill. TN 75
1929-1937 inclusive, Greatrex Eliz. & Alice (Misses), shopkprs. Rickstones rd

1901 census
RG 13/1725, f 55, p.2, schedule 12, Church Street [probably number 8]
Quintin D Greatrex    Head    Mar    56    Butcher (employer)    born Essex, Maldon
Martha E Greatrex    Wife    Mar    57        born Essex, Maldon
Elizabeth H Greatrex    Dau        26        born Essex, Maldon
Alice Greatrex    Dau        22    Dressmaker (worker)    born Essex, Maldon

1901 census
RG 13/1725, f.66, p.23, schedule 166, Braintree Road
Quintin D Greatrex    Head    Mar    27    Journeyman butcher    born Essex, Maldon
Julia R Greatrex    Wife    Mar    28        born Essex, Hutton
Thomas S Greatrex    Son        3 mo        born Essex, Witham

1920 electoral register
Church Street: Quintin Dick Greatrex, Elizabeth Hannah Greatrex, Alice Greatrex
13 Easton Road: Quintin Dick Greatrex, Julia Rebecca Greatrex.

1930 electoral register
The Stores, Rickstones Road: Elizabeth Greatrex, Alice Greatrex

All Saints church Monumental Inscriptions
Grave 862
Quintin Dick Greatrex who died May 7 1924 aged 78
His wife Martha Elizabeth Greatrex who died March 22 1932 aged 88
Elizabeth Hannah Greatrex died Jan 21 1970 aged 95
Their daughter Alice, 3 August 1944 aged 65

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