English, Margaret Laura, and Cyril

Notes on Mrs Margaret Laura English, nee Edwards, and her husband Cyril

See interview tape 51.

Born 22 April 1890, Braintree. Died, October 1982

Parents. Mother from Stisted, father was the village blacksnith there.

One sister lived in Kent and then died at Severall’s home in Colchester. Also had a brother.

Married 1921 at St Michael’s, Braintree to Cyril English. He first worked at Luckin Smith’s grocer’s shop, Witham, then to Crittall’s, Witham, about when married and stayed there, becoming a foreman. He died c 1967 No children

Teaching in Braintree at first.
Then to Spurge’s drapers in Witham c 1917-21 till married.
For a short time, part-time at Luckin Smith after married.

Braintree when young.
Lodgings near the Park at Witham when at Spurge’s (c.1917-21)
To 33 Maldon Road when married (1921) and stayed there till died.


Extracts from documents

1901 census
RG 13/1727, f.62, p.35, schedule 265, Mount Road, Braintree
Thomas Edwards    Head    M    41    Brushmaker    born Essex, Braintree
Laura Edwards    Wife    M    38        born Essex, Stisted
Reginald Edwards    Son    S    12        born Essex, Braintree
Margaret Edwards    Dau    S    10        born Essex, Braintree
Ronald Edwards    Son    S    6        born Essex, Braintree
Edith Edwards    Dau    S    4        born Essex, Braintree

1901 census
RG 13/1725, f.43, page 11, schedule 57, Guithavon Street, Witham
Henry M English    Head    M    42    Painter foreman    born Essex, Colchester
Catherine English    Wife    M    38        born Essex, Feering
Cyril A[?] English    Son        10        born Essex, Witham
Lucy Norrington    Visitor        35    Lady’s Maid    born Essex, Roxwell

1930 electoral register, 33 Maldon Road
Cyril Victor English
Margaret Laura English

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