Joyce, Phyllis

Notes on Mrs Phyllis Joyce

See interview tape 94

Born 1913. Nee Roberts. Only child.

Parents When she was born her father (Alfred Roberts) was 66, a retired architect (with one sister), and her mother (Rose, nee Snowdell) was 40 and an only child. He came from London. They married in Danbury church. He died about 1923. She died about 1934, when she was 60.

Started school while in Danbury (aged 6 to 7½). Then to Maldon Road School in Witham.

Work First when 14 (c 1927) to shop at 30 Newland Street which sold baby clothes, wool, etc., for about two years. when first left school. Then to glove factory when 16 (c 1929). Then had been at Crittall’s for about 18 months when mother died in 1934. Then to glove factory again.

Married in 1943, Leslie E Joyce, from Terling, worked as a wheelwright for Lord Rayleigh’s dairies.. He died in the 1950s. His father had been a shoemender.

Albert Road when she was born.
Danbury from ages of 6 to 7½.
Brookside, Maldon Road by the time she was about ten; mother turned the house into a nursing home.
When her mother died, lodged with the Howes in Cressing Road, then with Mrs Wheeler in Braintree Road.
Alfrose, Chalks Road, when married 1943, and for rest of life. Had bought it before married and it had tenants first.

Son John born c 1944. Then twins, Peter and Paul. Then Naomi when twins 13 months old. All under three at one time.

Died 12 February 2001.

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