Cullum, Les (Jerry)

Notes on Les Cullum (also known as Jerry)

See interview tapes 95 and 96

Born 1913 in Tiptree.

Father Albert Silas, perhaps originally from Salcott. Policeman in London at one time. Then groom at Wilkin’s at Tiptree. Then about 1924 to Messing on farm. Then 1924 to Wheatsheaf at Hatfield as publican. Died 1928
Mother, Alice, nee Fenner, born in Tolleshunt D’Arcy

Two brothers and two sisters. Eldest brother Bernard died at 40 (worked in grocers’ shops, then Hoffmann’s in Second World War). Eldest sister died at 29. Next was Walter, (also worked in grocers’ shops, and Hoffman’s in Second World War) next Les and next younger sister.

Tiptree, Messing and Hatfield as child, see father above. Obituary says stayed at Hatfield after father died for three years, i.e. to c 1931. Also that came to Witham in 1935. Probably then lived with future in-laws in Albert Road.
In 1939 to 84 Church Street, Witham when married. Still there 1984 at time of interview.

Crittall’s from leaving school in 1928, became checker probably c 1950. Inspector c 1973.
Retired in 1978.

Lily Nightingale, 1930. Her parents from Manningtree. Father originally had a pub there, from his family, then became a butcher in Witham. She died in 1981.

Two boys, Rodney and Graham.

Died 13 October 1985 aged 72

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