Beardwell, Ruth

Notes on Ruth Beardwell

See interview tape 98.

Born August 1892, at Fairstead.

Father a gardener. Previously at Cants’ rose growers at Stanway, then by 1901 at the Rectory at Faulkbourne.
Mother a schoolteacher, previously at Stanway, then by 1901 at Faulkbourne.. Died 1959.
Sister Myrtle, married Walerian Wielezynski. She worked with the Red Cross at Belsen concentration camp after WW2. There is a collection of her photos from there in the Imperial War Museum]

Jobs On leaving school, a few months teaching at Fairstead school
Then was a ‘nursery governess’ for three years at Berkhamstead. Then came back to Essex and taught a little girl at Notley.
Then when First War came had to do war work and went in the office at Crittall’s at Braintree. She transferred to the Witham office in about 1929 and stayed till she left in about 1958. She was head of the setting out office.
Residence. Family moved to Faulkbourne when she was a child. She lived in Braintree from about 1920 to 1929. Moved to Witham in 1929 to 41 Avenue Road, still there at time of interview in 1985.

Died June 1988

Extracts from documents

1891 census
RG 12/1425, f.134, p.4, schedule 25, Rectory Cottage, Fairsted,
George J Beardwell    Head    M    27    Coachman and gardener domestic    born Suffolk, Stoke by Nayland
Alice M Beardwell    Wife    M    22        born Essex, Fairstead
Reginald G Beardwell    Son        10 mo        born Essex, Fairstead

1901 census (Ruth is Melissa R)
RG 13/1726, f.76, p.3, schedule 18, School house, Faulkbourne
George J Beardwell    Head    M    37    Gardener (domestic)    born Suffolk, Stoke by Nayland
Alice M Beardwell    Wife    M    33    School Mistress (National)    Essex, Fairstead
Reginald [?] Beardwell    Son    10            Essex, Fairstead
Melissa R Beardwell    Daur    8            Essex, Fairstead
Victor P Beardwell    Son    6            Essex, Fairstead
Dorothy C Beardwell    Daur    4            Essex, Fairstead
Ralph A Beardwell    Son    1            Essex, Faulkbourne

1930 and 1938 Electoral registers, Witham
Oberon, Avenue Road: George James Beardwell, Alice Melissa Beardwell, Ruth Melissa Beardwell.

1947 Electoral register, Witham
Oberon, Avenue Road: Alice M Beardwell, Ruth M Beardwell.

1961 and 1969 Electoral registers, Witham
41 Avenue Road: Ruth M Beardwell, Dorothy C Beardwell.

1972 Electoral register, Witham
41 Avenue Road: Ruth M Beardwell

1977 Electoral register, Witham
41 Avenue Road: Ruth M Beardwell, Walerian Wielezynski; Myrtle F Wielezynski.

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