Hicks, Ethel

Notes on Mrs Ethel Hicks, nee Bourne

See interview tapes 99 and 124.

Born March 1891 in Maldon

Frederick and Mary Bourne of Maldon. He was a coachman for a doctor and then a gardener. Frederick’s father was a farmworker for Lord Rayleigh. Mary’s family came from Ridgewell.

Brothers and sisters
Eight children in family altogether, another died with whooping cough as a baby.

Brought up in Maldon. Got house in 31 Guithavon Road, Witham, when married, 1915. But lived with family in Maldon while husband away three years in War.
Moved to Pinkham Drive c late 1970s.

Left school at 13, went to work as girl in house in Maldon. Till married in c 1915 at 24 (she said she was there thirteen years till she married, but it works out at nearer eleven if compared to her time of marrying)

Arthur William Hicks. Two years and four months younger than her. Had two brothers and a sister; the sister died?. At butcher’s when he first left school, then Glover’s cycle and motor trade, then to First World War three years, then to Crittall’s for nearly 40 years till he retired.
His parents were Alfred Hicks and Annie Hicks (nee Turner). Alfred was horseman at Highfields Farm (living in cottage near bottom of hill in Highfields Road, and either before or after that at Highfields itself) Arthur died 1975

Son Jack, died 1987 aged c 73

Died 24 December 1996 aged 105

Extracts from relevant documents

Baptism register, Maldon All Saints and St Peter
10 May 1891. Children of Frederick Joseph and Mary Ann Bourne of St Peters, Groom.
William, Lilla May, Laura, Henry Frederick, Ethel Daisy.

1891 census, RG 12/1398, f.37, page 1, schedule 5, 7 Cromwell Lane, Maldon
Ethel is the infant
Frederick Bourne    Head    M    40    Porter    born Essex, Maldon All Saints
Mary Bourne    Wife    M    37        born Essex, Ridgewell
Clara Bourne    Dau    S    13    Scholar    born Essex, St Peter Maldon
Lillie Bourne    Dau        9    Scholar    born Essex, St Peter Maldon
Laura Bourne    Daur    6            born Essex, St Peter Maldon
Henry Bourne    Son    4            born Essex, St Peter Maldon
Infant Bourne    Daur    1 mo            born Essex, St Peter Maldon

1901 census, RG 13/1691, p.20, schedule 135, Cromwell Lane, Maldon
Mary Bourne    Wife    M    49        born Essex, Ridgewell
Henry Bourne    Son    S    14    House boy    born Essex, Maldon
Ethel Bourne    Dau        10        born Essex, Maldon
Bertha Bourne    Dau        7        born Essex, Maldon

1901 census, RG 13/1725, f.80, p.14, schedule 89, Capon Hall Green [one of three at that address]
Alfred Hicks    Head    M    42    Horseman on farm    born Essex, White Notley
Annie M Hicks    Wife    M    34        born Chipping Hill, Witham
Philip A Hicks    Son    S    13        born Chipping Hill, Witham
Henry V[?] Hicks    Son    S    11        born Chipping Hill, Witham
Arthur W Hicks    Son    7            born Chipping Hill, Witham

1920 electoral register
Guithavon Road: Arthur William Hicks.
Capeners Green: Alfred Hicks and Annie Maria Hicks.

1930 electoral register
31 Guithavon Road: Arthur William Hicks, Ethel Daisy Hicks.
Capeners Green: Alfred Hicks.

1938 electoral register
31 Guithavon Road: Arthur William Hicks, Ethel Daisy Hicks, John William Hicks.
Capeners Green: Alfred Hicks

1947 electoral register
31 Guithavon Road: Arthur W Hicks, Ethel D Hicks, Jack W Hicks.

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