Hicks, Ethel

Notes on Mrs Ethel Hicks, nee Bourne See interview tapes 99 and 124. Born March 1891 in Maldon Parents Frederick and Mary Bourne of Maldon. He was a coachman for a doctor and then a gardener. Frederick’s father was a farmworker for Lord Rayleigh. Mary’s family came from Ridgewell. Brothers and sisters Eight children in … Continue reading “Hicks, Ethel”

Tape 099. Mrs Ethel Hicks (nee Bourne), sides 1 and 2

Tape 99 Mrs Ethel Hicks (nee Bourne), was born in 1891. She was interviewed on 6 July 1985, when she lived at 3 Pinkham Drive, Witham. She also appears on tape 124, which has not been transcribed. For more information about her, see Hicks, Ethel in the people category. The original recording of this interview … Continue reading “Tape 099. Mrs Ethel Hicks (nee Bourne), sides 1 and 2”