Brooks, Horace and Gladys

Notes on Horace and Gladys Brooks (nee Smith)

See oral history tapes 100 and 101 and transcript thereof

Notes are about Horace unless otherwise stated.

Horace 1904 in Shotley, Suffolk. Gladys born 1909 in Braintree.

Ten altogether in family, eight boys and two girls. Horace was the ninth.

Moved to Little Troyes, Faulkbourne in about 1910 or a bit after..
Then with family to Witham in old cottages in Powershall End opposite the Victoria (later demolished).
Then in 1920s with family to one of first Council houses in Cressing Road.
After married in 1933, to 133 Cressing Road.
Some time After War, to 107 Glebe Crescent and perhaps to another house in Glebe Crescent afterwards.
Then to bungalows after Mrs B wheelchair-bound. First to Dengie Close for about a year.
Until about 1980, in bungalow near corner of Powershall End and Faulkbourne Road.
To 9 Pattisson Close about 1980

In gardens at Faulkbourne Hall while still at school, and till c. 1924.
Out of work after that for a while.
Then to Crittall’s for forty-four years.

Braintree, 1933

Horace died March 2001. Gladys died 1992

Paul Brooks, 45 Avenue Road

Extracts from relevant documents

Braintree parish register
Marriage 3 June 1933.
Horace Douglas Brooks, aged 28, bachelor, metal worker of 33 Cressing Road, Witham, son of Ellis Brooks, labourer.
Gladys Lilian Smith, aged 24, spinster, laundry hand, of 97 East Street, Braintree, daughter of Percy Sidney Smith, engineer.
Witnesses: Fred Murrells, Amy Lottie Doreen Smith.

1938 electoral register
133 Cressing Road, Horace Douglas Brooks and Gladys Lilian Brooks.

1947 electoral register
133 Cressing Road, Horace D Brooks and Gladys L Brooks.

1961 electoral register
107 Glebe Crescent, Horace D Brooks, Gladys L Brooks, Roy D Brooks, Paul A Brooks.

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