Hollick, Jack, and Annie May, nee Stock

Notes on Jack and Annie May Hollick (nee Stock)

See interview tapes 107 and 108

Jack born 1905 Leavenheath, Annie born 1906, Guithavon Valley, Witham

Annie’s mother Annie nee Baxter, was in service first. Then cleaned the Bank after husband died. Lived to age of eighty.
Annie’s father Alfred Stock was brought up in thatched house near entrance to Park in Maldon Road. Was ill quite a lot and had little jobs – carted coal for the Co-op, and in end at Crittall, and died at 48.
Grandfather Stock kept pub at Great Horkesley.

Annie eldest of five girls (Kate married Dale, lived Rivenhal; Lily, married Dodd from Terling; Edith married Mr Bright from Terling; Olive married Bell, lives Witham).
Jack one of eight boys and four girls.

Annie’s family started in Guithavon Valley. Then perhaps briefly to Trafalgar Square, Maldon Road. During First World War were in Bridge Street according to Mrs Hollick (near no.30). Then to 42 Maldon Road by 1920. She said her father moved eight times to try and get a better place.
Jack’s family came to Witham from Suffolk about 1910.
When Jack and Annie married in 1930 they lived in part of Moat Farm (it was divided into three) There six years.
Then in c 1936 to Council  house at 6 Cressing Road for 15 years.
Then c 1951 to Council house at Cuppers Close.
Then c 1956 to Elm Cottage Maldon Road, built for selves.

Annie to Church of England School, National School, Guithavon Street.
Jack left school at twelve, had to work because of First World War.

Jack milked cows on a farm and then went round with milk when left school c 1917. Then to army when 18, eventually came out on reserve and did odd jobs, and then called up 1939-1945. Trained there as shoemaker.
Annie at Pinkham’s glove factory from leaving school at 14. Then to sewing room at Bridge Home to get more money. Then to Crittall’s lead glazing in Maltings Lane for 6 months. Mr Pinkham asked her back to Pinkham’s to go on time work, teaching other girls, instead of piece work.
From 1945 on, had shoe repair shop together starting at 33 Newland Street, then to 2 Maldon Road. Annie served in the shop.

Married 1930

John, and Pat (who married Edi Vojak and lived at 4 Chalks Road

Jack died 16 Jan 1992 aged 86, Annie died 10 April 1998?, aged 92

Extracts from documents

1901 census
RG 13/1725, f.31, p.23, schedule 148 (not in order), Maldon Road
William Stock    Head    M    58    Agricultural labourer    born Essex, Dunmow
Mary Stock    Wife    M    56        born Essex, Gt Braxted
Alfred Stock    Son    S    17    Coal carman    born Essex, Witham

1911 electoral register
Trafalgar Square, Maldon Road, Alfred Stock.

1920 electoral register
Maldon Road: Alfred Stock and Annie Hudson Stock.

1930 electoral register
42 Maldon Road: Alfred Stock, Annie Hudson Stock, Annie May Stock.

1938 electoral register
42 Maldon Road not there.
6 Cressing Road: Jack Hollick, Annie May Hollick

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