Lee, Mrs Bertha, nee Messent

Notes on Mrs Bertha Lee, nee Messent

See interview tape 109

Born 1903, Bulmer, Suffolk. Maiden name Messent.

Father John Messent. Farmworker, horseman. Then in about 1930s worked for Sir Valentine Crittall and laid his garden out at Crockies[?] Wickham Bishops. Then worked at Crittall’s. Lived to age of 93.

Mother Maria. Worked in corset factory in Sudbury before she married.

Siblings Sister 6 years younger, one brother 10 years younger and one older brother. Older brother lived with grandparents after the age of 10.

Came to Witham in 1916.
Lived at Elm Hall farm, Cressing Road.
When married, to Braintree Road. Then to Guithavon Street. Then to 29 St Nicholas Road (there at time of interview in 1986)

At Miles drapery at 84 Newland Street for a year when left school.
Smith’s bookstall on the railway station next, during First War.
To Co-op drapery after that till married.

Reg Lee. At age 25. Husband a milk man, first at Freebornes then the Co-op where stayed till  he retired. He died at 70.

One son, Carl.

Died October 1990 aged 87

Extracts from documents

1920 electoral register
Elm Hall farm: John Messent, Maria Messent.

1930 electoral register
John and Maria Messent not there ?
33 Braintree Road: Reginald Herbert Lee, Bertha Louisa Lee.

1947 electoral register
Kendall, St Nicholas Road: Reginald H Lee, Bertha L Lee.

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