Lee, Mrs Bertha, nee Messent

Notes on Mrs Bertha Lee, nee Messent See interview tape 109 Born 1903, Bulmer, Suffolk. Maiden name Messent. Father John Messent. Farmworker, horseman. Then in about 1930s worked for Sir Valentine Crittall and laid his garden out at Crockies[?] Wickham Bishops. Then worked at Crittall’s. Lived to age of 93. Mother Maria. Worked in corset … Continue reading “Lee, Mrs Bertha, nee Messent”

Tape 109. Mrs Bertha Lee (nee Messent), sides 1 and 2

Tape 109 Mrs Bertha Lee (nee Messent), was born in 1903. She was interviewed on 24 September 1986, when she lived at 29 St Nicholas Road, Witham. More more information about her, see Lee, Mrs Bertha, nee Messent, in the People category. The original recording of this interview is held at the Essex Sound and … Continue reading “Tape 109. Mrs Bertha Lee (nee Messent), sides 1 and 2”