Kellock, Queenie, nee Algar

Notes on Mrs Queenie Kellock (nee Algar)

See interview tapes 155, 158 and photo M339

Born 1914.

Parents Lilian (nee Bickmore) and Edward Algar ( son of Charlie and Emily Algar) Mother went out charring and father in building trade. Mother died about 1960.

Rest of family Youngest of three sisters, four years difference between all. Others Dorothy and Edith[?]

Residences Born and brought up at 1 Mill Lane in front of gas works. Parents lived in Maltings Lane by the time Queenie married. Queenie went to Braintree Road when first married. To 20 Homefield Road c 1975

Work To Pinkham’s glove factory 1928 at 14 and stayed till married.

Married 1939 Len Kellock, worked at Co-op. Brought up in Chalks Road. Father worked at Cooper Taber’s seed place. Then family to top of Avenue Road. Died about 1986. His brothers and sisters were Eva, Ethel, Alec, Percy and Jim.

Son David

Died 2 May 1998

Information from documents:

1920 electoral register
Mill Lane: Edward Louis Algar, Lilly Algar.

1930 electoral register
1 Mill Lane: Edward Louis Algar, Lilian Algar

1947 electoral register
Havon, Maltings Lane: Edward L Algar, Lilian Algar.
61 Braintree Road: Leonard Kellock, Queenie V C Kellock

These two newspaper items are about two brothers of Len Kellock, Queenie’s husband.

Essex Weekly News, 30 July 1915
(full transcript from xerox on newspaper file) ‘Witham Boy Drowned. On Wednesday Percy Kellock, aged seven, son of Harry Kellock of Chipping Hill, was drowned in the bathing place at Witham. The boy left home with two little playmates, and proceeded to the bathing place, where they enjoyed themselves paddling from the bank. By some means Kellock fell into the river, and his companions hurried home and told their parents. Sergeant Haggar, Signalman Feakes, and Arthur Wallis dived and searched the river for hours and the body was eventually located by PC Mynott with a pole. Sapper A Beck[?], Royal Engineers, who was bathing at the time, dived at the request of Sergt. Haggar and recovered it. Several men were working near at hand when the accident happened, but the children said that they were too frightened to tell them.’

Essex Weekly News, 25 January 1918
page 1, col 1.  In Memoriam. ‘Mr and Mrs Kellock wish to return sincere thanks to all friends for sympathy shown and expressed in their sad and sudden bereavement – Albert Rd, Witham, Jan 19th 1918’.
page 6, col 6. Mr and Mrs H Kellock, Albert Road. Eldest son James T Kellock aged 16, died of influenza and pneumonia after eight days illness. Employed at Messrs R Stagg and Co. ‘Popular with fellow workmen’. Service at Congregational Church, Rev Rees. Chief mourners: father and mother, Miss E Kellock, sister, Mr and Mrs J Kellock, Mrs Cutts, and Mrs F Kellock.

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