Trense, de, Winifred, nee Bowhill

Notes on Mrs Winifred De Trense, nee Bowhill

See interview tape 152

Born in London. Perhaps about 1910. Two sisters and brother born in  Norfolk.

Father. Had hotels and catering business eventually in Chelmsford in the 1920s.
Later, parents came to live in Witham, at 6 Newland Street.

Work: She came to Witham in 1936 to manage the cinema for her brother in law (Gaze). Stayed until 1945.
Later, 1960s about, to various temporary secretarial and accounting jobs in London.

Married in 1942, Charles, a dentist, he died c 1963, aged 65 (older than her)

Before coming to Witham, in Reigate Surrey where had secretarial training, then probably to Chelmsford.
When first married, over husband’s surgery (Medina Villas, 80-84 Newland Street). Then in 1961 to the Grove. Then in 1965 to Highway Cottage, 118 Newland Street. Then eventually to 11 Stafford Mansions, Stafford Place, London SW1, there in 1991 at time of interview.

Children Three i.e. Virginia end of 1943 and son Max 1945, and then Piers.

Died 2005

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