Newton, Cecil

Notes on Cecil Newton

See interview tapes 150 and 151

Born 1908

Edith Newton (single). Her father was a cab driver in Kensington.

Braintree Road when young.
Then to Church Street, 28-40.
Then 1917 to Cottage Home at Braintree (see below). Mother stayed in Union workhouse.
When aged 14, Cecil to lodgings with Taylors in Mill Lane, Witham,  Hope Cottages, near tan yard
When married in 1932, in lodgings up Hatfield Road for about three years, then to cottage at Poplar Terrace in Mill Lane. Eventually to Maltings Lane after the Second War. Then prefabs at Bramston Green in about 1974. Then when they were rebuilt to 81a Church Street.

Married: 1932 to Grace Scarlett. She died in the sixties, he was on own for nine years, second wife Mrs Kovachek (Polish) in about 1974. She died 11 Sept 1995.

Decorator in building trade, started with Lewises at 14, then for Crittall’s at Silver End when being built for about four years, then to Crittall’s Witham on painting, then in his twenties for Adams and Mortimer, Was working for Richards in 1932.
Later worked at Crittall’s in the factory, made redundant at 60, then to Nitrovit.

No children

He died 14 May 1998.

Information from documents

Minutes of Braintree Guardians
(ERO G/Br M37, 1917-1922)
24 September 1917
[page 750] ‘The Board considered the case of Edith Newton a single woman aged 37, and her child Cecil Ted age 9, who had been admitted to the House from Witham. It appears that both the woman and child were in a very neglected condition, and that the woman was not a suitable person to have control of the child.
After careful consideration it was unanimously resolved that this Board being of opinion that by reason of the mental condition or mode of life the said Edith Newton is unfit to have control of her child the child be adopted by the Board … powers … Poor Law Act 1889, and that all the powers and duties of parents be vested in them until the child attains the age of 18 years, or until such time earlier as the Board may rescind their resolution’

Bocking Cottage Home
Cecil Newton. Born 13 Feb 1908, admitted 4 Jan 1918. Discharged April 22nd 1922.

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