Skingsley, Leslie and Joan

Skingsley family tree
Skingsley family tree

Information on Leslie Skingsley

See interview tape 148

Born 1917

Residences Born at 120 Newland Street. Moved when about four to Olivers Cottages, Maldon Road. 1924 when father changed jobs to cottage in Easton Road, for thirteen years. When first married (1945) in Easton Road with family and then to Guithavon Road. Then in 1954 to 11 Elizabeth Avenue and there in 1991 at time of interview.

Ernest and Agnes (nee Underwood), from Wethersfield and Finchingfield respectively. Married at Finchingfield in 1910 and moved to Witham in 1915.
Father was one of ten children, many of whom also came to Witham.
Father drove traction engine for Mr Mens’ Witham Cartage and Coal company. Then in 1924 to Moys coal depot in Easton Road as foreman. Had few years out from there at the Morning Star in Bridge Street c 1937 to 1940.

(Arthur Skingsley) worked on smallholdings for Mr Thompson the coal merchant, lived at Smalelands Hall on the way to Ulting then retired to 5 Chalks Road.


Only sibling, Florence, 6 ½ years older than Leslie.

Two in shops while at school Then a year or so at the glove factory as odd job man. Then a few months at Rowley’s garage. Then to Crittall’s till called up in 1939. Then after war on the railway station, ending up in signal boxes, then other railway jobs.

1945 to Joan Drury, father foreman at railway station, she worked at Cullen’s all her working life.
No children.
Information from documents

1881 census
RG 11/1805, f.95, p.11, schedule 68, Village, Wethersfield
James Skingly    Head    Widr    61    Wheelwright    born Essex, Wethersfield
James Skingly    Son    Un    23    Ag labourer    born Essex, Wethersfield
Ellen Skingly    Dau    Un    20    Straw plaiter    born Essex, Wethersfield
Frank Skingly    Son    Un    19    Post Man    born Essex, Wethersfield
Arthur Skingly    Son    Un    17    Ag labourer    born Essex, Wethersfield
Walter Skingly    Son    Un    15    Ag labourer    born Essex, Wethersfield

1881 census
RG 11/8, f.106, p.38, schedule 2113, 7 Charlton[?] Road, Paddington
Emily Yeldham    Serv    Un    16?    Domestic cook    born Essex, [?[field
with Fammy Skinner, gentlewoman and family

1891 census
RG 12/1421, f.79, p.12, schedule 87, High Street, Wethersfield
Arthur Skingsley    Head    M    27    Farm labourer    born Essex, Wethersfield
Emily Skingsley    Wife    M    27        born Essex, Sible Hedingham
Edith Skingsley    Dau        2        born Essex, Wethersfield
Ernest H Skingsley    Son        11 mo        born Essex, Wethersfield

1901 census
RG 13/1722, f.29, p.4, schedule 26, Nortofts Cottage, Finchingfield
Arthur Skingsley    Head    M    38    Horsekeeper on farm    born Essex, Wethersfield
Emily Fanny Skingsley    Wife    M    37        born Essex, Sible Hedingham
Edith Skingsley    Dau    S    12        born Essex, Wethersfield
Ernest Howard Skingsley    Son    S    10        born Essex, Wethersfield
Walter Skingsley    Son    S    9        born Essex, Wethersfield
William Skingsley    Son    S    7        born Essex, Wethersfield
Ellen Skingsley    Dau    S    6        born Essex, Wethersfield
Thomas Skingsley    Son    S    5        born Essex, Wethersfield
Ann Argie Skingsley    Dau    S    2        born Essex, Wethersfield
Maud Jane Skingsley    Dau    S    4 mo        born Essex, Finchingfield

1903. Birth certificate (belonging to Ken Thompson)
18 November 1903 at Northtofts Cottage, Finchingfield
Annie, daughter of Arthur Skingsley, farm labourer and Emily Skingsley (formerly Yeldham)
(copy under the Factory and Workshop Act, 1901; no details written in)

1920 electoral register
Ernest Harold Skingsley, and Agnes Jane Skingsley, at Olivers Cottages, Maldon Road.

1929. Marriage certificate (belonging to Ken Thompson)
18 May 1929 at parish church of Witham
Charles Douglas Smith, 25, bachelor, fitter, of 2 Chalks Road, Witham, son of John Smith (deceased), horseman
Anne Skingsley, 25, spinster, of Collingwood House, Witham, daughter of Arthur Skingsley, labourer.
By G A Campbell, vicar.
Witnesses: Maud J Skingsley, Cyril E Rowland.

1930 electoral register
Arthur Skingsley and Emily Skingsley at 5 Chalks Road.
Ernest Harold Skingsley and Agnes Jane Skingsley at 19 Easton Road.

1938 electoral register
Arthur Skingsley and Emily Fanny Skingsley at 5 Chalks Road.
[Ernest not in Easton Road, didn’t look elsewhere]

c 1939 (info from Dave Theobald, Nov 2005
Maud Theobald (nee Skingsley) moved into 3 Chalks Road from Romford area, with family including Dave (b c 1935), after her husband George Theobald died. It had previously been occupied by George Thompson and family, but they were moving away to 9 Braintree Road. Re the Skingsley grandparents, Arthur and Emily – Arthur couldn’t write and his wife had to hold his hand if he had to write his name.

Chalks Road occupants
1 Chalks
2 Ada Smith
3 George Thompson and Argie (nee Skingsley, sister of Maud Theobald), then Theobalds
4 Rudkins
5 Skingsley
6 Dazley

1947 electoral register
Emily Skingsley at 5 Chalks Road (no Arthur).

1955. Death certificate (belonging to Ken Thompson)
Died 5 February 1955, 52 Grooms Lane, Silver End.
Emily Fanny Skingsley, 89 years, widow of Arthur Skingsley, farm horseman.
Myocardial Degeneration & Senility. Certified by Jean M Boyd, MB.
Informant, E H Skingsley (Son). In attendance. 1 Bramston Green, Witham.
Certificate issued to Ann Argie Thompson, 9 Braintree Road, Witham.

1993. Death certificate (copy belonging to Ken Thompson)
Died 26 August 1993, at Broomfield Hospital, Broomfield
Annie Smith, maiden name Skingsley, born 18 November 1903 at Finchingfield,.
Wife of Charles Smith, machine operator (Window Manufacturers) (retired), 79 Grooms Lane, Silver End.
Informant, Kenneth George Thompson, nephew, of 40 Guithavon Road, Witham.
Cerebrovascular accident. Diabetes Mellitus. Certified by M Steiner, MB.

Also see photos M2831-M2838

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