Barber, Bernard and Kathleen

Notes on Bernard and Kathleen Barber (brother and sister)

See oral history tape 147

Born in Olivers Cottages, Maldon Road. Kathleen in 1921, the eldest. Bernard born mid 1920s.

Father Leonard, worked for Joey Mens as long distance lorry driver. Earlier as chauffeur at Collingwood House, 15 Collingwood Road.
Mother was Nellie, worked at Pinkham’s glove factory, her father (Mr Haygreen) worked for coal merchant in Collingwood Road behind the George, and lived in Bridge Street.

Brothers and sisters.
Two sisters. Patricia two years younger than Kath, then Bernard, then Doreen eight years younger than Kath.

Family moved away to Suffolk c 1926 to 1930, then back to Witham to Bridge Street in about 1930, till about 1959.
Then to maisonettes on Howbridge Estate for about 20 years, then to 12 Pitt Avenue, there at time of interview in 1991.

Bernard worked at Whitehall cinema when left school c 1939 for three years. Then in Air Force for rest of War. Not sure whether he went back after the war, said he was there about ten years at one point, three at another. Then worked for Adams and Mortimers builders.
Kath worked at Pinkham’s glove factory. Also in twenties briefly was usherette at Whitehall cinema, after work. Then at Ever Ready at Heybridge for 14½ years.

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