Moss, Albert

Notes on Albert Moss

See interview tape 58

Born c 1907 at Shopland near Rochford. Four sisters, one brother.

1921 moved to Eastwood. May have lived on site at some of his jobs, see below.
1950 to Rivenhall, 221 Oak Road.

Age of 10, worked on farm sometimes because shortage of men in the War
Age of 13, work on farm at Eastwood, looking after the animals etc.
Age of 15, a different job milking cows.
Next, until 1928-29,  to smallholding on Southend arterial road with man come from the War
1928-29, to farm next door to the latter. Went to Bosham in Sussex, farm owned by same man, for several months whilst there. Was foreman in charge of two farms when came back, at age of about 21. Married Ivy while there.
c 1928-1933 Left and went to another smallholding. There over 5 years till owner had to sell in 1933. Married by then.
1933-1939 Various little jobs, hard to get work, in finish on farm with a lot of pigs.
1939 Cowman at Steeple for about 10 years. Farm sold.
1950 To Hoo Hall, Rivenhall, for rest of working life.

Peggy (married name Horsely) by 1939.  Peter later.

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