Carey, Bill and Mrs Ida

See interview tapes 57 and 60.

Mr C said he was born on 29 May 1899, in Wethersfield, where grandfather, kept butcher’s shop.


Father, a Londoner, perhaps from Ilford, died before he was born.
Father’s parents lived at Clapham when Bill was a little boy. Grandfather probably a driver of horse buses.
Mother was a Wenden, The Wenden family were butchers, and publicans. Can’t find any Wendens in Wethersfield in 1901 census. Directory of 1912 has a George Wenden, butcher at Olley, Earls Colne.
Mother re-married, before 1901 to judge from the census shown below. Stepfather a stonemason. His surname was Dunlop, first name Ernest to judge from marriage and census records shown below.
In due course Mr C had step-brothers and sisters, making a family of five children altogether, when they lived in Braintree.

National School in Braintree. But also went to school in London when at his grandparents’ house.


Lots of moving about.
Born Wethersfield
Braintree as a boy after mother married again.
But spent a lot of time with grandparents in Clapham.
To Witham at age of about 14 when left school. Sometimes at home, sometimes in lodgings. Bridge Street mentioned as first place.
Dunmow also mentioned about 1920.

Mrs C
Brought up in Hatfield Peverel.

To rooms in Cressing Road when first married. Also mentioned was Ebenezer Close, and going to Hatfield Peverel when Mrs C’s mother died. Perhaps the latter about 1930 as they aren’t in the 1930 electoral register for Witham. In Mill Lane in 1938 electoral register. Later to different houses in Church Street including 147 in 1947 and 77 (a prefab) in 1961. Temporarily to 28 Bramston Green in 1983 at time of interview. Probably back in new bungalow at 77 when Bill died in 1989.

After left school did several jobs. Especially working when aged about sixteen for Mr Robinson’s nursery in Bridge Street (where the Sports Centre is). Was a roundsman with a pony and cart.
At age of 18 went in the army for three years. Probably 1917-1920.
Worked at Crittall’s when it opened in 1920 until 1965.

Mrs C
Worked at Pinkham’s glove factory in Witham for a week and then Hoffmanns in Chelmsford from when aged 14 for ten years till married.
At Crittall’s during Second World War in factory. Then as cook at children’s nursery at Brookcote, 29 Chipping Hill. then after the War to canteen at Crittall’s and there several years.

Daughter Pam and a son.

Extracts from relevant documents

Free BMD online index
1899. William Harold Carey born in Braintree District in April/May/June quarter 1899.
1900. Jessy Carey married in October/November/December quarter 1900. Of two men on the same page, one was Ernest George Dunlop.

1901 census,
RG 13/1727, ED 5. page 10, schedule 61, Lower Railway Street, Braintree
Jessy Dunlop    Head    Mar    25        born Essex, Wethersfield
William H Carey    Son        1        born Essex, Wethersfield

1901 census,
RG 13/1790, ED4, page 2, schedule 10, Chequers Inn, Friston, Suffolk
(William’s stepfather probably)
Ernest Dunlop    Boarder    Mar    25    Stone Mason    born Essex, Braintree

1938 electoral register
22 Mill Lane. William Harold Carey and Ida May Carey.

1947 electoral register
147 Church Street. William H Carey and Ida M Carey.

1961 electoral register
77 Church Street. William H Carey and Ida M Carey.

Mr C. Probably died in 1989, aged 90 said to be of 77 Church Street

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