Cullen, Mrs Violet, nee Grout

Notes on Mrs Violet Cullen, nee Grout

See interview tape 56, photos M483 and M484 and transcript thereof.
See also notes on Cullen in People files.

Born 6 March 1889, Ulting

Parents Isaac Walter (known as Walter), farmer, died aged 86, and Sophia Ann Grout, died aged 75.

Brothers and sisters
Mrs C said mother had 22 children, the 21st one having died.
See 1891 census below, that doesn’t tie up very well with names given for ten children in 1890 on photo M483 which are (not in age order) Louise, Sam, Maud, John, Walter, Meg, Victor, Violet, Ella, Clara, Percy, Frank. Mentions youngest sister Hilda who worked at Goodchild’s butchers. Also Connie.

Till married in 1924 Stock Hall, Ulting (partly in Langford)
After married, till husband died, 1924 to c 1939, the Elms, Ulting, after married.
c 1939 on, Hatfield Peverel
c 1946-1953, Valley House, Guithavon Valley,
Then 55 Collingwood Road
c 1968 to 36 Collingwood Road

Ann who was in the Archers. Margaret Heaton, of Whitehall Court.
Son died of peritonitis during National Service

Before First World War. In drapery of Bourne and Hollingsworth, then to Ealing.
1916-1918, nursing for two years in Northampton during First World War.
Home till married in 1924.
Lot of voluntary work during Second World War in Hatfield Peverel.

1924, Thomas Cullen, from the Elms, Ulting.

Died, September 1997, aged 108.

Extracts from documents

1891 census
RG 12/1398, f.90, schedule 15, Stock Hall, Ulting
Walter Grout    Head    Marr    51[?]
Farmer    born Essex, Great Totham
Sophia Grout    Wife    Marr    40        born Essex, Hatfield Peverel
Maude Grout    Dau    S    18        born Essex, Great Totham
Margaret Grout    Dau    S    15        born Essex, Great Totham
Rose E Grout    Dau    S    12    Scholar    born Essex, Great Totham
Violet Grout    Dau        2        born Essex, Ulting
Walter Grout    Son        8[?]    Scholar    born Essex, Great Totham
Frank Grout    Son        7[?]    Scholar    born Essex, Great Totham
Percy Grout    Son        6[?]    Scholar    born Essex, Ulting
Victor Grout    Son        3[?]        born Essex, Ulting
Infant    Son        1 mo        born Essex, Ulting

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