Mott, Ted

Notes on Ted Mott

See interview tapes 102, 103, 104, 105 and 106

Grandad Mott ?

Grandma Mott died c 1923
Grandparents William Wager === Agnes Hannah i.e. Granny Wager, midwife

Brought Ted up part of time.

Trafalgar Square
father, Mott, later in Maltings Lanemarried,

Ted born 1913 Guithavon Vall.

Split up c 1919

two of young sons died c 1920, ie Ted’s brothers)
Ted’s mother, Edith Emily Mott nee Wager

(was first marr to Smith)

Went as nanny in London after split

When Granny W died, her dau (Ted’s mother Edith) came back to look after William (Ted’s grandfather)

Then c 1933 she and Ted to Guithavon St where Ted married

1913 at 11 Guithavon Valley.

Parents. Split up when he was about five, six or seven. On Mott side he only knew his grandmother who died when he was about ten.
His mother was a Wager (Edith Emily) and her parents were William Wager (on the railway, big in the National Union of Railwaymen) and Agnes Hannah Wager (second marriage, previous one to Smith, known as Granny Wager, midwife).
After the split his mother went as a nanny in London and his father stayed in Witham, eventually in Maltings Lane.

School. Maldon Road school when went to Trafalgar Square.

Moved from Valley to farm near Kelvedon briefly, after brothers had died c 1920. Back to Witham (Trafalgar Square) soon after to grandmother Wager because parents split up and his mother went to London. Elsewhere says remembers Square in First World War so perhaps there by 1918 in fact.
Then when Ted’s grandma Wager died, mother came back to look after the grandfather, William Wager.
About 1933, he and his mother to 9 Guithavon Street. Lived there at first after married in 1941.
In 1947, into prefab at 12 Bramston Green.
When prefabs rebuilt in 1983, into 22 Bramston Green.

Ted was middle one of three boys, the others died of flu about 1920 (or maybe a bit earlier in fact)

Married Doris Eley in March 1941 at St Nicholas church. She was born at Bradwell and came to Chess Lane in about 1930 in her late teens with parents

Errand boy at Palmer’s saddlers when about 11 i.e.1924
1927 started at Lewis’s builders to go into the painting and decorating trade. [at 62 Newland Street] Stayed there 51 years (except for army 1940), till retired in 1980. Got taken over by Tanner and Wicks 1978

Son Keith

Died 23 June 2001.

Extracts from documents

1920 electoral register
Trafalgar Square: William Wager, Agnes Hannah Wager.
(not possible to tell whether there were others in the same house)

1930 electoral register
73 Maldon Road: William John Wager, Agnes Hannah Wager, Arthur Kemp, Thomas Samuel Smith.

1938 electoral register
9 Guithavon Street: Edith Emily Mott, Edgar George Mott.

1947 electoral register
12 Bramston Green: Edgar G Mott, Doris M Mott.

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