Putman, Violet, nee Rodd

Notes on Mrs Violet Putman, nee Rodd

See interview tape 161

in c 1914 in Highbury. Father an exhibition fitter, died 1935.

Came to Witham in 1940, evacuated from Finsbury Park where lived when married. For a few months in Glebe Crescent in lodgings. Then in 51 Church Street, rented from Richards, condemned but opened up for evacuees. Went backwards and forwards to London during War, and afterwards.
Husband (electrician) working at Ministry of Work and Buildings in London during War, then afterwards at Odham’s Press in London. Then came to live in Witham permanently 1953 when had daughter, got Council house and husband worked at Crittall’s.

Husband George died 1969.
Daughter Kathy run over by a car and killed at age of four in 1957 or 1958.
Son Kenny born c 1939, worked at Crittall’s when finished school in Witham and Braintree, and married about 1961 and went to New Zealand with Crittall’s, and then stayed with other companies.
Brother John Rodd married a Witham girl after he came out of the army and settled in Witham.

1950s (probably 1958), office cleaner at Pinkham’s glove factory. Probably c.1969 to Hurst Gunson seed warehouse in Avenue Road, packing seeds, for c. eight years. Then after retired from there did casual cleaning jobs and also in paper shop in Church Street.

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