Thurgood family


Interview tape 194 is of John Thurgood who was born in 1922, I think in Terling. But I’m afraid I don’t know his relationship to the people. mentioned below.

Thurgood, carriers etc of Terling

Info from directories. May not be complete or even accurate ! Taken from rough and fairly illegible notes done in a hurry in relation to Spurge’s box which was addressed to Mrs T and sent by Ts (see photos M1058, M1059, M1062, M1068, M1069, P33/7A, P34/15, P154/18, P154/19

1874    None
1878    William, carrier and shopkeeper
1890    Charles, carrier, to Witham daily; William, shopkeeper
1899    Edward, carrier; William, PO
1906    William, post; and William, carrier to Witham daily
1910    William subpostmaster (and carrier?); Charles, farmer
1914    Hewitt Thurgood Witham daily; John carrier?; William, shopkeeper and post office.
1922    Charles to Witham daily et al.; Mrs Susanna, shopkeeper


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