Ewers family

Ewers family. Conversation with various members, 29 March 2004

Recorded on tape 193 but not transcribed

Moses Ewers from Mundon married Lilian Hawkes of Witham in 1920s. The Hawkes were carpenters. There were Shelleys from Witham in her ancestry too.

After Mundon they went to Hole Farm and then to Whiteheads Farm while their 11 children were young.

Their children included
Violet (Midge), Mrs Maxfield, of Powershall End, Witham, will be 83 in May 2004
Dorothy, Mrs Surridge, of Cressing Road, Witham
June, Mrs Baxter, of Goldhanger
Eric, the youngest still alive now, ?in 60s, husband of Chris, phone 562748, live just outside Coggeshall

The children went to school in Faulkbourne

Photos M837 and M841 of the carnival include Violet as an attendant at the Carnival Queen in 1939.

Miss Ewers, later Mrs Ladham, at the glove factory in 1947 or 1948 in photos M480, M502, is not related

Colin Ewers in photo M859 is a nephew of Eric etc.,

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