Macpherson, Ena

Notes on Mrs Ena Macpherson, nee Beard, of Tillingham (later of Maldon)

See interview tape 190.

See photos M546 to M557.

Born: 1915.

Father George Wilson Beard, family from Bishops Stortford. Had a shop in Saffron Walden first and then moved to open ironmonger’s shop at 88 Newland Street in 1905.
Mother, Winifred Newby of Feering Lodge. Her mother’s surname Pepper. Mother’s father, Mr Newby, was seed manager at Hursts seed people, owned by Sherwood family of Prested Hall, Feering.  Winifred’s sister was Mildred who was Mrs Hunwick and had a shop in Witham. Another sister was Dorothy who married Jim Parish and they had a farm at Earls Colne.

Brother: Arthur, said to be eight years older in one place, but also to have been a baby at the time of the 1910 Constitutional club fire. Maybe eight years younger. Lived in Avenue Road house with parents, worked in Kelvedon at builders’ merchants, died aged 58.

Married: Mr Macpherson who left in about the 1940s.

Reidences: First over the shop at 88 Newland Street. Then when married on a fruit farm at twenty years old at Woodham Walter for fifteen years. Then back to Witham c 1950. Flat over Taber’s fruit shop (c.9 Newland Street). Then to parents’ in Avenue Road to look after them.

Work: Trained as hairdresser before married. When came back to Witham, had hairdresser’s shop down Maldon Road, formerly Brewster’s saddlers, for five years.

Son: Stuart

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