Macpherson, Ena

Notes on Mrs Ena Macpherson, nee Beard, of Tillingham (later of Maldon) See interview tape 190. See photos M546 to M557. Born: 1915. Parents: Father George Wilson Beard, family from Bishops Stortford. Had a shop in Saffron Walden first and then moved to open ironmonger’s shop at 88 Newland Street in 1905. Mother, Winifred Newby … Continue reading “Macpherson, Ena”

Tape 190. Mrs Ena MacPherson (nee Beard), sides 1 and 2

Tape 190 Mrs Ena MacPherson (nee Beard), was born in 1915. She was interviewed on 2 December 1999, when she lived at 11 Chancel Close, Tillingham. Mr Patrick Horner, a friend of hers, was also present; he lived at 6 Powershall End, Witham. For more information about her, see MacPherson, Ena, in the People category. … Continue reading “Tape 190. Mrs Ena MacPherson (nee Beard), sides 1 and 2”