First World War. 01. List of chapters

The First World War in Witham
01. List of chapters

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01. This list of chapters

02. The book, A History of Witham

03. Gerald Palmer, article and interview

04. Everyday life

05. Soldiers billeted in Witham

06. The Red Cross hospital and VADs

07. The invasion threat

08. Conscription, 1916 onwards

09. Peace Day, 1919

10. The War Memorial, the Nurses’ Bungalow, and Dr Knight

11. Soldiers on the War Memorial

12. Introduction to the Muster Roll and the Roll of Honour

13. The Muster Roll (with all who served and survived)

14. The Roll of Honour (with all who died)

15. Chronology of the War and of men who were killed

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  1. Hello. Do you have any info on WW1 soldiers of the 2nd 8th Worc. Regt. I have a postcard photo of four men outside army tents. The sign says 2nd 8th Worc, Regt. Shoe Makers. Epping Essex.

    The reverse is a letter to my grandparents Arthur & Ellen Everett of 100 Fambridge Road Maldon who I know the writer billeted with. It is signed Tom but I cannot make out the surname.
    You may be able to point me where I can find out more info please. Many Thanks Maureen

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