Witham Literary Institution – some newspaper references

Witham Literary Institution
List of some Chronicle references up to 1849 

The Institution met in a building in front of the United Reformed Church in Newland Street. After the Institution closed down, the building was taken over by the Constitutional Club. It burnt down in 1910

Chelmsford Chronicle, 8 November 1844, page 3

Chelmsford Chronicle, 16 October 1846 (from T/P 114/13)Second AGM.

Chelmsford Chronicle, 23 June 1848
Two lectures by Mrs Balfour, ‘Moral and Intellectual Influence of Women in Society’

Chelmsford Chronicle, 6 October 1848, page 3
Lecture by Mr C Walford, senior, of Witham,
‘Migratory Habits of Birds’.

Lecture by Mr Matthews on ‘Mesmerism and Phrenology’.

Chelmsford Chronicle, 19 January 1849, page 3
‘Fourth gratuitous lecture to the working classes’. Mr C Walford, junior, about elevation of working classes etc.

Chelmsford Chronicle, 26 January 1849
Lecture by Mr W L Oliver, chemist of Coggeshall on ‘Mineral and Vegetable Poisons’.

Chelmsford Chronicle, 16 November 1849, page 3
Lecture by Mr Wiseman of Kelvedon, ‘The nature and properties of flame’.

Chelmsford Chronicle, 21 December 1849, page 3
Lecture by Rev Short ‘Characteristics of the Age’.

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