Witham UDC, Council minutes, 1918-1933

Witham Urban District Council,
Council minutes, the volume for 1918-1933
Reference E.R.O. D/UWi 1/1/4
Notes by Janet Gyford
Not comprehensive notes. Mostly looking for various specific subjects, sometimes by looking in the indexes in the original volumes e.g: house numbering; first proposed Council houses in 1921; Electricity; War.

Page numbers given below are pages of the actual item, not the beginning of the meeting.

Items in square brackets are comments added by JG. Items in quotation marks are exact quotations from the minutes.

The rest of the text is in note form, i.e. notes written by JG to summarise the minutes. 

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27 May 1918

page 2 Letter from Food Production Department enclosing a copy of a letter from Mr Crittall and urging Council to acquire field under Cultivation of Lands Order 1917 no 2. Unanimous that the Council should acquire under the Order that part of the field that is uncultivated.

Letter from Essex War Agricultural Committee read, asking ‘if any of the Council’s Workmen will be available for voluntary work on the land’. Reply that all fully engaged.

page 3 Seats for wounded soldiers. Mr J A Beadel applied for permission to put two seats for accommodation of Wounded Soldiers in front of Congregational Church. Yes and thank you.

Food Control. Letter from Lord Rhondda re institution of National Kitchen. Refer to Local Food Control Committee.

Welcome Mr F H Bright, new Clerk to Council.

24 June 1918

page 5. Endorse payment of £100 as advance to Local Food Control Committee.

Re land at Payns Haven. Letter from Crittalls saying that ‘in the event of any portion of the land at Payns Haven being required for the extension of Munition works, such portion as is required must be released to the Company, they paying compensation to the tenants for loss of crops’. Agreed.
[note: Payns/Pains Haven was the field in Braintree Road where Crittall’s built their factory. Previously it belonged to the Co-op].

National Steam Car Company propose to extend ‘their Boreham Omnibus Service; on to Witham on weekdays’. Consent

16 July 1918

page 6 Household Fuel and Lighting Order 1918. Considerable discussion. Don’t unite with another Local Authority. Advertise for Local Fuel Overseer, also to be secretary of Fuel and Lighting Committee. Also appoint the following onto the Fuel and Lighting Co to supervise and assist the overseer:

E C Quick, Maldon road, Schoolmaster

Mrs Thompson, Guithavon Street, Witham, Schoolmistress

E Smith, Braintree Road, Signalman

Councillors Pinkham, Taber, and Hutley. The latter to be chair.

Flag Day. Letter from Admiral Berisford, asking sanction for holding Flag Day for funds of Society for Wounded Soldiers and Sailors in Hospitals etc at Home and Abroad. OK.

Condolences to Mr J E Smith on death of his son Allan killed on active service in France.

29 July 1918 or is it all 20 August?

page 7. Secretary for Fund for Wounded Soldiers and Sailors says thanks and is there anyone they could approach to assist. Mr Afford will do, and also lend shop for day, but cant organise. Tell Secretary and refer him to Mrs Brandt with view to her forming a Committee to organise.

page 8. Household Fuel and Lighting Order. No reply from Mr Quick. Captain Abrey to be on Committee. Applications from Mr E C Quick, and from Mr W P Perkins if the salary is increased. Leave to Committee.

Bell field. Letter from Witham United Charities saying had considered report and valuation of Mr W Gardner. Resolved that Council offer £520 for the field.

Will Council sell Mr F Bonner the timber building on the Hospital site? Refer to Committee.

Letter from Local Government Board ‘as to the collection of Fruit Stones etc’. Give it to Mr B C Afford, secretary of Witham Food Production Committee, who had matter in hand.

Food Controller has decided to extend term of office of Local Food Control Committee.

 20 August 1918, page 11

Gift of seats. Mr W Pinkham on behalf of his son Mr B Pinkham, offered to give two seats ‘to be placed in suitable positions in the Town for the use of Wounded Soldiers and the public. The offer was gratefully accepted’.

Special meeting, 30 August  1918

Mr Pinkham submitted return of material estimated to be needed during the two years following the War. Return to the Minister of Reconstruction [no details]

page 15. Letter from Ministry of Food re saving fuel by cooking food in National Kitchens. No action.

25 November 1918

page 19. Question of cultivating the field at Paynes Haven considered. In order to avoid unnecessary labour and expense which would ultimately fall on Messrs Crittall, write and ask them how soon they contemplate building operations.

page 21. Peace. Mr Pinkham called attention of Council to fact that ‘Peace might be declared in the near future’. Desirable to prepare for ‘proper celebration’. Moved form into Committee to consider. Agreed.

30 December 1918

Steam Roller has arrived and commenced work on Wickham Hill.

page 23. Progress with purchase of Bell field.

27 January 1919, page 24

Mr W Pinkham applied for leave to carry ‘an Electric Light Cable over the road to the Factory of the National Glove Company at Chipping Hill’. OK if to satisfaction of surveyor.

9 September 1919, page 57

‘Motor Ambulance. Mr R C Gaymer attended the meeting and informed the Council that the Hon C H Strutt had purchased a motor ambulance which he wished to present to the Council for the use of the Town and neighbourhood … resolved … be accepted … write … thanks.

Mr R W Wakelin offered to garage the ambulance free of charge … thanks…

Resolved that the words “Witham Urban District Council” be painted on the ambulance and that the necessary licence be taken out in the name of the Clerk … no definite scale of charges, but that if the person removed was able to pay, such person should pay the actual running cost, or efforts be made to recover same from the Parish Council concerned’.

Clerk to write to neighbouring Parish Councils, tell them arrangements could be made to use the ambulance ‘by calling Telephone No 52, Witham’. Committee to take charge of it to be R W Wakelin, A W Garrett, and Captain Abrey.

[ERO C/DF 11/14, Register of motorcars 1918-1920
Includes: HK 5741. Witham Urban District Council, Witham, F H Bright, clerk. Ford 20 H P. Ambulance body. Grey. For Hospital work. Registered 12 September 1919]

Telephone line. Postmaster General – ‘application to erect an overground telegraphic line over and along Hill Lane, Witham, from junction of roads at White Horse Inn to the site of Messrs Crittalls new factory … granted’ [Hill Lane, after the nearby Saxon earthworks, was an earlier name for White Horse Lane].

29 September 1919, page 61

Electric Lighting.

Letters from Messrs Crompton, Mr H P Girling and Suffolk Electricity Supply Co read. Referred to Roads Committee

21 October 1919, page 66

Furniture Warehousemen and Removers Association had written about whether Council had facilities for providing water for Steam engines when in district. To write saying no facilities but two or three rivers where engines could take in water

21 October 1919, page 64

Street lighting

Mr Napier Prentice, Secretary of Suffolk Electricity Supply Co Ltd. attended.

Questions. Replies.

Advisable to install system of overhead conductors to distribute electricity.

Council could do work, or if Council decided not to go into Electricity Supply for selves, Company could do work.

In view of ‘proposed developments for Electricity Supply a Generating Station should not be built at Witham’ but if his company did supply they’d bring it from Braintree by overhead wires. In near future his company would probably promote a large Power Stn in Essex.

Cost of installation would be approximately £1,000 for 104 lights, and interest, upkeep, electricity etc. would be £3 per annum per lamp.

Clerk to ascertain ‘whether Messrs Crittall were anticipating installing Electric Light at their new Factory, and would be willing to undertake the lighting of the Town’.

18 November 1919, page 69

Street lighting. Letters from Suffolk Electricity Supply Co Ltd. confirming the statements of their Secretary at the Oct meeting, read.

Letter from Crittall Manufacturing Co ‘stating that they were not in a position to supply Electric Light to the Council’

Clerk to write to Suffolk Electricity Supply Co Ltd. that if prepared to state definitely that liability of Council for lighting their 104 street lamps with Electric Light’ would not exceed £3 per lamp per annum, Council willing to proceed. Gas agreement expires Xmas next. To write to them for terms.

16 December 1919, page 70

Surveyor’s report. ‘Plans of proposed show room in Newland Street for Messrs Wakelin and Leeding and a pair of Cottages in Maldon Road … deposited’. Former accord with bye laws. Latter does not in so far as party wall were not carried up to roof and the size to the roof timbers … Plans referred to in Surveyors report were considered by Council and approved.

13 January 1920, page 76

Letter from Suffolk Elect Supply Company, now East Anglian Electricity Ltd, read. Agreement would be considered.

31 May 1920, page 97

Letters from East Anglian Electricity Ltd. Difficulty in obtaining material. So couldn’t undertake supply of electric light in Witham till next year. So not to terminate agreement with Gas Company this year.

 30 August 1920, page 108

‘CENSUS – NUMBERING OF HOUSES:- Mr W Pinkham proposed in accordance with notice:-

That the Resolution passed at the last meeting of the Council that the Houses in the Town be not numbered be rescinded, and that the Houses in the Town be numbered.

On being put to the meeting 3 voted in favour of the Resolution and 3 against, and the Chairman gave his casting vote against.

The Resolution was therefore declared lost’.

Doesn’t say anything about rescinding this latter decision.

Nothing else about census in index Or about numbering or names or street numbers

25 October 1920

Letter from East Anglian Electricity Ltd. Company at present negotiating with Railway Company re way-leave and for permission to put High Tension Line along railway Braintree to Witham.

20 December 1920, page 125

Electric light. Letter from East Anglian Electricity Ltd. Company being reorganised. Appealing to public for capital. So not possible to obtain capital and complete line to light Witham by midsummer next.

12 May 1921, page 141

Special meeting.

‘HOUSING – Loan for Site – Mortgage and Order for Certificate. The Clerk submitted the Mortgage with the Public Works Loan Commission for securing the sum of £1600 and interest at 6½% on the Rates levied by the Council … the said loan being raised for the purchase of a site in Braintree Road Witham for the erection of dwellings for persons of the Working Classes, also the Order for Certificate for the said sum’. Mortgage and order sealed.

30th May 1921, page 144

Letter from Minister of Health. Before deciding application for loan of £1,200 ‘for carrying out works … sewer from Cocks Farm … an Inspector to visit the locality’.

27 June 1921

Letters 8th and 9th inst. from Mr Dean, amended estimates for the 12 Workmen’s cottages, and a letter from the Office of the Housing Commissioner, ‘unable to authorise the acceptance of a tender for these Houses at the present time’

Clerk to write saying therefore should postpone inquiry re sewer.

25 July 1921, page 150

Electric lighting. Letter from Messrs A S Payle and F S Leatherdale, ‘asking permission to erect overhead Electric Mains in the Town with a view to installing Plant for supplying the Town with Electric light’. Clerk to write for details and their financial position.

20 or 29? Aug 1921, page 153

Mr Pinkham reported on interview with Housing Commissioner re Minister stopping progress with Council’s housing scheme. In exceptional cases the Minister is allowing some to be proceeded with if complied with Housing Circular no 222. Proposed the matter be referred to Committee of Council Chair (J E Smith), Chair of Housing (Pinkham?) & Mr E Smith and Clerk.

20 or 29? August 1921, page 154

Correspondence with Leatherdale and Payle. Resolved to do nothing at present. Gas co for revised terms.

14 September 1921, page 156

Mr E Smith proposed strong protest to Minister of Health re action on Housing Scheme. Council have followed instructions and obtained approval and purchased land and accepted tenders ‘which are urgently needed but are now prevented by the Ministry form proceeding’.

Serious financial responsibilities incurred already in carrying out Minister’s demands. So ask for definite statement for what will be met by Minister.

No seconder.

31 October 1921, page 163

Mr H Lawrence offered to the Council for purchase, ‘the Historic Drunkard’s Cage now standing on his premises’. Clerk to ask price etc.
[This was at the corner of Newland Street and Mill Lane]

2 November 1921, page 168

Mr H Lawrence said he required £30 for the Cage. Clerk to thank him and say could not at present purchase it. ‘Mr E Smith proposed and Mr E Pelly seconded that the Clerk inform the Antiquarian Society of the offer now made to the Council and should the Society be desirous of the Cage remaining in the Town the Council were willing that same should be placed in the Recreation Ground’.

No more references in index to volume of UDC minutes 1918-1933

30 January 1922, page 175

The Cricket Club had complained of ‘considerable annoyance from spectators in the Recreation Ground when playing matches in the Park and asking the Council to take steps to prevent a repetition of this annoyance.’

Instruct caretaker to take names in future with view to prosecution.

24 April 1922, page 184

Annual meeting.

Present Miss Pattisson, Messrs J E Smith, C S Richardson, W Taber, E Smith, E Pelly, R Little and Capt S Abrey.
[note: This was a momentous occasion. It was the first meeting ever when one of the Councillors in attendance was a woman. She was Miss Charlotte Pattisson, who had just been elected. Like many women elsewhere, she was strongly supported by the Women’s Institute. I think there had just been an extension of the qualifications, allowing more women to put themselves forward.]

J E Smith to be chair, C S Richardson Vice chair, unanimous.

Chairs of Committees etc. Finance was the whole Council. Proposed by Mr E Smith and sec Mr W Taber that Mr E Pelly be chair of Finance Committee. Amendment proposed by Mr Pelly, seconded by Captain Abrey that Mr Pinkham be re-elected chair, amendment was lost 4 to 3. Original proposal carried 4 to 1.

Housing Committee was the whole council and W Pinkham to be chair. Others included allotments, W Pinkham to be chair.

24 April 1922, page 186

‘Houses – Numbering of – Mr E Smith gave notice that at the next meeting of the Council he would move that the houses in the town to be numbered’.

29 May 1922, page 189

Fine on resignation of Councillors discussed. Clerk had searched minutes. Only found that 10 shillings paid by W B Blood when he resigned in 1886. Decided that in future it should be £10 if not ill or leaving district, or £1 if ill or leaving district.

‘A letter dated 29th ult. was read from Mr W Pinkham resigning his position as a Councillor and fully setting out the reasons for taking that step. The Clerk stated that the resignation was not complete inasmuch as the fine had not been paid. … £10 … inform Mr Pinkham.

29 May 1922, page 190

‘Houses, numbering of: Mr E Smith proposed that the houses in the town be numbered and that the Council who already had the numbers in stock bear the cost. Carried.

29 May 1922, page 190

‘White Hall boundary posts – a letter was read from Mr E T Edwards stating that the Council had removed some iron posts from the edge of the pathway in front of White Hall which he understood defined the boundary of the property and asking by whose authority they were removed. …’. Referred to Roads Committee.

29 May 1922, page 191

‘Pump Chess Lane. Miss Pattisson called the attention of the Council to the unsatisfactory condition of the pump near Chess Lane and the Surveyor was instructed to get same repaired forthwith.’

29 May 1922, page 191

‘Char-a-bancs – A letter dated 29th inst. from Mr A A Powell Jones was read as to the parking of char-a-bancs in the High street. The Clerk was directed to confer with the Supt of Police thereon’.

26 June 1922, page 194

‘Electric Lighting – A letter dated the 22d instant from Messrs Girlings Ltd was read putting forward a suggestion for lighting the Town with electric light. No action was taken in the matter’.

11 January 1924, page 274

Electricity Supply Bill. Copy of County of London Supply Bill. Sent by Shoeburyness UDC asking support for opposition. Let stand over.

11 January 1924, page 274

Attention called to inconvenience to inhabitants of Church Street and Cocks Farm site because no post box any nearer than Chipping Hill Post Office. Postmaster General to be ‘urged to erect a Pillar Box near Mrs Brown’s corner at Cocks Farm’

.[This was the corner of Chalks Road and  Braintree Road (now a garage). Much of the Council’s new building at this time, e.g. in Cressing Road, was on land formerly belonging to Cocks farm]

28 January 1924, page 280

Letter from County of London Electricity Supply Company. Conference of representatives of various Local Authorities involved. Mr Pinkham to attend with the clerk.

25 February 1924, page 283

Mr Pinkham reported from conference of representatives of various Local Authorities involved in London E S Co. [no details]

31 March 1924, page 288

Letter from East Anglian Electricity read, enclosing draft form of consent of the Council to grant them special order by Electricity Commissioners. Defer. Ask representative to come.

31 March 1924, page 288

Letter from County of London Electricity Supply Co. Clauses to be put in Bill to meet Local Authority objections.

28 April 1924, page 294

Mr Pinkham reports on interviews with East Anglian Electricity Ltd. ‘to whom it had been suggested that the supply of electricity should be given to Witham by means of a circuit rather than that Witham should form a dead end’. Advised that Council would consent to Special order, in Witham UDC et al, and urge circuit. Agreed.

30th June 1924, page 304

Letter received from ‘inhabitants of the Cocks Farm end of Braintree Road thanking the Council for their efforts in inducing the Postmaster General to erect a Pillar Box there’.

17 October 1924, page 314

Resolved to light lamp at Woolpack in Church Street. Mr W Pinkham dissented

28 July 1924, page 308

‘Public Urinal. Mr E Smith called attention to the necessity of a Public convenience in the High street having regard to the great number of persons now travelling through the Town by road and moved the Council should …’call attention of Essex County Council and/or Ministry of Transport to the problem, and that …’ to meet the requirements of the great and increasing number of persons of both sexes travelling through this Town by road transport which frequently stop in the wide part of the High street, where owing to the absence of such convenience, they cannot avoid being a nuisance to some of the residents’. As it would be for travellers, Essex County Council or Ministry of Transport should make grant. Seconded Mr Burrows, carried.

23 February 1925, page 328

‘Census of houses to be condemned. The question of considering the houses in the District to be condemned also arose.’ Referred to Public Health Committee.

29 June 1925, page 341

‘Open air bathing. Mr Pinkham informed the meeting that it was proposed to erect an open air swimming bath and that it was found that the old Waterworks was suitable for same’. Referred to Public Health Committee. Involved removing partition between the two tanks.

9 October 1925, page 348

Reference to loan to Mr F H Crittall under Section 5 (2) of housing act 1923.

30 November 1925, page 353

‘On the written representation of the Medical Officer of Health it was resolved to make closing orders in respect of the following houses.

23, 25, 27, 29 Mill Lane

44, 46, 48, 50 Mill Lane

7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Guithavon Valley

21, 22 Powershall End

82, 84, 86, 88, Church Street

17 Church Street.’

Tenants may remain 3 months after orders operative.

Also resolved that notices be served on owners mentioned in report whose property was to be repaired.

30 November 1925, page 353

Housing Committee report adopted except E R Springett be allocated no 10 Cressing Road and P Kingsmill no 14.

19 April 1926, p 361

Discussion about the Avenue re, offer to Council of it. Discussion. No resolution. Mr J E Smith had letter in press.

5 May 1926, page 363 [i.e. re General Strike]

Volunteers. To enable all persons wishing to render service if called upon, it was decided to ask Captain L F Bevington to undertake this duty and attend at the Council Chamber to enrol volunteers. Notices to this effect be published in the town.

5 May 1926, page 363

Mr W Pinkham drew attention to fact that ‘certain people in the Town washed their cars and were never charged for the water. In particular he mentioned certain garages’. Reply that collector should enforce payment by people who used water for cars.

18 August 1926, page 370

‘The Horse “Punch” fell into the Sewage Ditch at the Sewage Farm on Friday night and it was with great difficulty that he was extricated’. Ditch to be fenced in. Also the horse now fit and should ‘dispose of him at next Auction sale at Chelmsford’

21 December 1926, page 377

To purchase ‘motor dust cart’. Mortgage taken out for it, £180.

30 May 1927, page 385

‘Back Rivenhall Road Name’. Report of Housing Committee. Proposed name before Council. Miss Pattisson and Mr Dean proposed “Rickstones”. Mr Burrows proposed “Oak Road”. Rickstones chosen.

31 October 1927, page 394

Housing scheme, reduced Govt Subsidy.

Proposed by Mr Ebenezer Smith and seconded by Mr Pinkham and unanimously resolved, that clerk to complain to Ministry of Health re building of 20 houses in Rickstones Road which were planned on subsidy as in Housing Act 1924. Not completed by 30 September 1927 because of inclement weather. So under revising order of Minister, these 6 houses will get less. So, desire that lower subsidy shouldn’t apply to houses under building contracts unable to be completed.

31 October 1927, page 394

Mr Pinkham proposed, and unanimously resolved that photographs of Councillors who have in the past occupied the Chair be obtained and hung in Council chamber and that present and future Chairmen be required to furnish photos. (Chairman didn’t vote.)

27 February 1928, page 397

Councillor J Ernest Smith retiring, ill health. 24 years service. Appreciation.

26 May 1928, page 402

Closing Orders. Proposed by Councillor Burrows and seconded by Councillor Manning that closing orders re 131, 133, 135, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27 Newland Street, 32, 34 Chipping Hill, and 28 and 30 Maldon Road be sealed. Councillor Pinkham moved amendment that they be not sealed. Four members voted for and one against them being sealed . Amendment lost so sealed.

Present Councillors C Stewart Richardson (chair), W W Burrows, E L Smith, William Pinkham, A G Manning, H L Evitt, Miss Pattisson.

29 October 1928, page 406

Resolved to seal closing order re 112 Newland Street, property of Mr James Porter, and to the order determining the closing order made re 21 and 22 Powershall End. Sealed.

28 January 1929, page 412

Street lighting. Resolved that seal affixed to agreement with East Anglian Electricity Supply Co for lighting of three lamps, one each at the following points, Collingwood Road corner, Maldon Road corner, and corner near Gasworks where Bridge Street adjoining Newland Street.

[previous reference in index to street lighting is 26 July 1926, when lighting for the coming season lighting referred to Public Health Committee]

29 April 1929, page 417

Sanitary Convenience – chairman to sign contract.

24 June 1929, page 420

Signing of mortgage for £510 for ‘Sanitary Convenience’.

17 August 1929, page 426

Public Health Committee report of 9th instant adopted re Bathing Pool.

17 August 1929, page 426

Resolved to adopt report of Public Health Committee re street lighting ‘so far as the number of electric lamps is concerned, and to request the East Anglian Electricity Supply Company to agree that the number consists of six 300 watt and six 200 watt lamps at £67 14 6 per annum, the lamps to be lighted from sunset until 11 p.m., from September 1st 1929 until April 30th 1930 inclusive. Left in hands of Chairman and Clerk to make best terms possible.

Gas lamps ‘The Witham Gas Light and Coke Co Ltd having quoted £2 16s per lamp for lighting all the street lamps as per last season with the exception of 33 in the main street’, resolved to accept.

27 January 1930, page 439

Closing orders. Resolved that those for 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Guithavon Valley be sealed out of the meeting.

23 February 1931 page 482

Electric light poles. Councillor Ebenezer Smith referred to minute of Public Health Committee of 16 November 1928 re removal of ‘electric light pole which is in a dangerous position near Millfield Terrace, Guithavon Valley, and that the pole has not yet been moved’.

Resolved to instruct Clerk to draw attention of Company to it and request removal.

27 July 1931, page 494

Reports include:

‘Public Health Committee, 15 July, 18 July and 22 July 1931

‘In connection with the item on the street lighting in the Report of the Committee of the 22nd July, the Supply Company Limited stating that if the Council require a price for their lighting annually, the Company would desire to submit a fresh tender.

After consideration of this matter it was resolved to accept the Company’s tender as set out in that Report, namely, for lighting per annum £156.10.0 plus annual charge for equipment for 7 years £88 10 0. Total £245.0.0, subject to the whole of the street lighting being included in a fresh Contract.

The reports were then adopted.’

31 August 1931, page 498

‘Automatic signals. The question of the provision of automatic light signals at the Collingwood Road and Maldon Road corners was raised, when it was resolved to refer the matter to the Public Health Committee for consideration and report.’

28 September 1931, page 500

Mr F H Bright was resigning as Clerk. Letter to him etc. expressing regrets. Appointed 1918. F G Bright thanked the Council for appointing him replacement.

26 October 1931, page 501

‘Councillor Eb Smith enquired what steps have been taken with regard to Mr G Dowsett’s Guithavon Valley property, now that all the condemned cottages have been vacated.’

Chair of Public Health would invite Mr D to next meeting.

29 December 1931, page 505

‘Street lighting. The report, dated the 21st December 1931, of the Public Health Committee was considered. The Clerk reported that the additional number of lamps recommended by the Public Health Committee is eleven, and the price quoted by the East Anglian Electric Supply Company Ltd is as follows: Seven years contract … £42 15 6

[resolved to adopt whole report]

Councillor Naylor said shouldn’t enter contract for 7 years and voted against the report as far as the seven years contract.’

29 February 1932, Page 512

Closing orders. Resolved that the orders on ‘Mr Dowsett’s properties in Guithavon Valley be lifted, the properties having been altered and put into a proper state of habitation’.

14 September 1932, page 527

Clerk reported … Chair and himself ‘interviewed Mr Richards with the object of negotiations for purchase of the site at Chipping Hill where two old cottages have been demolished and another one is being erected, for the purpose of throwing such site into an open space there and so preserving the appearance of that particular part of the town, which is considered by a great number of people to be a beauty spot. Mr Richards willing to sell but price too high. ‘Offers amounting to approximately £50 have been received from residents towards the price if the site can be acquired for the purpose stated’. Agreed to offer £150 for site. And Council to extinguish manorial incidents.

26 September 1932, page 530

In Committee. Mr Richards accepted.

[I’m not sure what happens here – whether I’ve cut some off or whether there wasn’t any more of interest  JG]

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