Witham UDC, Council minutes, 1896-1903, extracts relating some building plans


Witham Urban District Council,
Council minutes.
The volume for 1896-1903.
Reference  E.R.O D/UWi 1/1/1
Notes by Janet Gyford

Not comprehensive notes. Mostly looking for entries connected with building plans especially (a) for builder Joseph Smith in Chipping Hill and (b) around 1900 and 1903 for specific buildings.

For a list of Witham building plans, see

Page numbers given below are pages of the actual item, not the beginning of the meeting.

Items in square brackets are comments added by JG.

Items in quotation marks are exact quotations from the minutes.

The rest of the text is in note form, i.e. notes written by JG to summarise the minutes.

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28 Aug 1897

page 74. Deputation under Canon Ingles attended, ‘requested permission to plant some fifty trees each side of Collingwood Road as a permanent memorial of Her Majesty’s long reign.’ Resolved consent given subject to situation and protection being to approval of Council, plan first being submitted, and Committee taking responsibility for any resulting accidents.

page 75. ‘Read Surveyors report upon which as to Mr Smith’s houses near Mr Blackies late residence. Read letter from Mr Sherrin to the Surveyor complaining of the sewer overflow and the Surveyor was directed to reply that the manhole complained of was not in accordance with the plans submitted to the Council and approved.

As to the houses in Station Road the Surveyor reported various defects and irregularities and the Clerk was directed to write to Messrs Smith and Son that the Council could not approve the plans submitted to them on the  31st July and stating the various reasons and requesting other plans in conformity with the Bye Laws’

20 September 1897

page 77. ‘Extraordinary meeting … to consider plans and drainage of Messrs Smith and Sons house in the Temples field and certificates of habitation thereof held 20 Sept 1897’

Surveyors report read. New block plan for house and stables and sections and detail plans produced. Long discussion as to amended plans. Decided the only course was to treat these plans as submitted for the first time, that they were to remain for 14 days as required by bye laws, and if house, then complete a certificate of habitation would follow. Mr S intimated his intention of cancelling the original block plan submitted on 27 March of six houses on Temples Field.

7 Dec 1900

Messrs Wombwell’s menagerie given permission to stand in the High Street Thursday next provided the use of the highway was not obstructed.

Deputation from Witham Literary Institution; they offered their ‘library and fixtures’ as a free gift to the Council ‘for safe custody for the benefit of the Town and as a nucleus of a public library’. Matter adjourned

Plans for a pair of villas in Avenue Road next Mr Taber’s houses submitted by Mr Smith and ref to Bld Cttee

27 July 1903

Chairman reported Post Office plans approved [plan 127?]

 31 Aug 1903

Chipping Hill Recreation Ground

Letter from Canon Ingles about damage to fence by unknown offenders. Mr Rust involved in maintaining fence somehow, for his horses [quite a long entry]

Report had suggested ‘the opportunity of undesirable conduct in the shelter in the evenings owing to there being no means of closing it.

28 Sep 1903

Agreed to adopt the Libraries Act.

Bld cttee  Mr Rust willing to build his shed without putting it over the sewer. so agreed he could.

26 Oct 1903

Site for water tower – excavation had shown a ‘pocket of sand’ on the south side of the excavation, so the engineer had changed the site for firmer ground. It was slightly lower so it would involve increasing the height of the tower by 6 or 7 feet.

Building committee- discussions with Mr R Moore on behalf of Mrs Moore – all to do with infringement and correcting it [probably re. plan 129 et al]

28 Dec 1903

‘Mr Brown’s house in Maldon Road’ (probably plan 128)


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