Witham UDC, Council minutes 1896-1903. Extracts about the Park and Recreation Ground


Witham Urban District Council,
Council minutes,
the volume for 1896-
Reference E.R.O. D/UWi 1/1/1
Notes by Janet Gyford

Page numbers given below are pages of the actual item, not the beginning of the meeting.

Items in square brackets are comments added by JG. Items in quotation marks are exact quotations from the minutes.

The rest of the text is in note form, i.e. notes written by JG to summarise the minutes.

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Page 175, 29 May 1899
Read letter from the Vicar as to the proposal for acquiring four acres of the Park as a recreation ground for lads, and a pleasure ground for the inhabitants and enclosing a resolution of a public meeting of the ratepayers asking the Council to consent to undertake the future care and management of the ground, when after a long discussion Mr Stevens proposed and Mr Scott seconded the following resolution, viz ‘That this Council whilst desirous of carrying out the wishes of the majority of the ratepayers is of the opinion that the meeting at the Public Hall on the 17th inst was not sufficiently attended to warrant the Council in agreeing to place the maintenance of the proposed Recreation Ground upon the Rates. The Council considers that a poll of the ratepayers should take place and the question adjourned for that purpose’

Page 179, 26 June 1899
Canon Ingles declines to undertake such a poll on behalf of the promoters. Proposed committee be formed to conduct a poll. Tie so left in abeyance.

Page 185, 31 July 1899
Letter from Mr Strutt, chairman of the recent Public Meeting. Letter from Mr Ingles as to ‘possible withdrawal’ by the donor of the gift or £1,000 for the benefit of the lads of Witham. Agreed to rescind decision of 29 May. Proposed Council undertake control and maintenance. Carried subject to Local Government Board.

30 April 1900
Ground shortly to be prepared for use, and ready for the formal handover to the Council Committee to prepare Byelaws.

Page 225, 28 May 1900
Recreation Ground Committee announced ground now prepared for handing over and asked Council to do so. Committee would undertake full expenditure as far as funds go. Date of 20 June fixed for handover. Agree.

Page 229, 25 June 1900
Re Caretaker. Proposed caretaker to be relieved from duty every other Sunday. Appoint John Woodwards.





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