Shelley, Evelyn, nee Marsh

Notes on Mrs Evelyn Shelley, nee Marsh See also interview tape 42. Parents William Marsh and Emma, nee Young. Emma died c 1905 at age of 38. She’d had six children altogether. They were young when Emma died, William got someone in to help and an aunt in Witham took the youngest, aged two. Born … Continue reading “Shelley, Evelyn, nee Marsh”

Tape 042. Mrs Evelyn Shelley (nee Marsh), side 1

Mrs Evelyn Shelley (nee Marsh), was born in 1891. She was interviewed on 8 April 1981, when she lived at 12 Rex Mott Court, Witham. For more about her, see Shelley, Mrs Evelyn, nee Marsh, in the People category. The original recording of this interview is held at the Essex Sound and Video Archive. To … Continue reading “Tape 042. Mrs Evelyn Shelley (nee Marsh), side 1”