14. The Dace family

The Dace family xxx I see that James Dace and Son’s music shop is being re-opened in Moulsham Street, Chelmsford. As James Dace the founder was born in Witham, it seems a good opportunity to write a little about him. James Dace, senior I’ll begin with his father, also James, who was born in Writtle. … Continue reading “14. The Dace family”

Guithavon Street

  People often ask me where the street name “Guithavon” comes from. It was coined by Witham’s William Henry Pattisson in 1842, when he gave the land for Guithavon Street to be laid out. Previously there had just been a footpath. For many years I dismissed Mr Pattisson’s choice of Guithavon as just being guesswork. … Continue reading “Guithavon Street”