Bajwa, Mrs Jessie, nee Chalk

For an interview with Mrs Bajwa, see interview tape 4 . Note that she does not mention her time in Lahore. For photos concerning Mrs Bajwa, see photos M 3168 to M3208. They are generally arranged with her early life in Witham first, her life in Lahore next, and her life in assorted places including … Continue reading “Bajwa, Mrs Jessie, nee Chalk”

Tape 207. Miss Irene Springett, side 1

Tape 207 Miss Irene Springett was born c 1915. She was interviewed on 12 June 2006, when she lived at 6 Homefield Road, Witham. For more information about her, see Springett, Irene, in the People category The original recording of this interview is held at the Essex Sound and Video Archive. To listen to the … Continue reading “Tape 207. Miss Irene Springett, side 1”