Two eighteenth-century Bath Houses

  “The activity of bathing in Britain for reasons of health and well-being, goes back earlier than the 18th century ….. and indeed to Roman times.” This was written by Susan Kellerman in her fascinating article on “Bath Houses – an Introduction” (in number 1 of the “Follies Journal”, 2004). She found that the majority … Continue reading “Two eighteenth-century Bath Houses”

26. The Avenue

In 1920, The Avenue in Witham was said to be “known all over the country – in fact, its fame was world-wide for the beauty of the trees”. They were lime trees, and had been planted about 150 years previously. They stood on either side of the unpaved driveway to the Grove, which was the … Continue reading “26. The Avenue”

18. The Essex Agricultural Show

I see that there are plans to revive the annual Essex Agricultural Show at Great Leighs. Before the show acquired a fixed home in 1958, it was held in a different place every year. So it seems a good time to look back at the three occasions when it was held in Witham – 1863, … Continue reading “18. The Essex Agricultural Show”