Witham people from 1793 to 1837, in Directories


PublisherYearPeople, in name order. Most have a trade, a few are just residents
Pigot1839Fairhead, David, baker, Witham
Kelly1906Fairhead, Edwin, farmer
Kelly1926Fairhead, Miss, 8 Avenue road
Kelly1926Fairhead, Mrs. Freeland house
Kelly1914Farley, Thos Alfd, butcher, High st
Kelly1917Farley, Thos. Alfd. butcher, High st
Kelly1922Farley, Thos. Alfd. butcher, High st
Kelly1899Farr, Mrs.
Kelly1902Farr, Mrs
Kelly1866Faulke, George, tailor
Kelly1870Faulke, George, tailor
Kelly1874Faulke, George, tailor
Kelly1878Faulke, George, tailor
Kelly1882Faulke, George, tailor
Kelly1902Fenn, Rev. Anthony Fourdrinier (curate), Guithavon street
Pigot1823Fenn, George, boot and shoe maker
Pigot1823Fenn, George, George
Pigot1826Fenn, Geo., George
Kelly1926Fenn, Mrs. Brooklands Avenue road
Post Office1855Fenner, George, currier & leather seller
Post Office1845Fewell, Samuel, pork butcher & grocer, Chipping Hill
White1848Fewell, Sophia, shopkeeper, Chipping Hill
Kelly1929Field Trial Council (Capt. Geo. H. Gibson, sec.), Bradwell ho. Collingwood rd
Kelly1933Field Trial Council (Capt. Geo. H. Gibson, sec.), Bradwell ho. Collingwood rd. T N 159
Kelly1937Field Trial Council (Capt. Geo. H. Gibson, sec., Bradwell ho. Collingwood rd. TN 159
Kelly1874Figg, Charles, market gardener
Kelly1906Filbey, Frederick William, George P.H.
Kelly1908Filbey, Frederick William George P.H.
Kelly1910Filbey, Frederick William George P.H
Kelly1912Filbey, Frederick William George P.H
Kelly1886Finch, Caleb & Samuel, watch maker
Kelly1890Finch, Caleb & Samuel, watch makers
Kelly1895Finch, Caleb & Samuel watch makers
Kelly1899Finch, Caleb & Sl. watch mas. High st
Post Office1855Fish, Charles, boot & shoe maker, Chipping hill
Post Office1859Fish, Charles, boot & shoe maker, Chipping hill
Kelly1862Fish, Charles, boot & shoe maker, Chipping hill
White1863Fish, Charles, boot and shoe maker, Chipping Hill
Kelly1886Fish, John J. hatter & furrier
Post Office1859Fish, Thomas, hatter & furrier
Kelly1862Fish, Thomas, hatter & furrier
White1863Fish, Thomas, hatter, Newland Street
Kelly1866Fish, Thomas, hatter & furrier
Kelly1870Fish, Thomas, hatter & furrier
Kelly1874Fish, Thomas, hatter & furrier
Kelly1878Fish, Thomas, hatter & furrier
Kelly1882Fish, Thomas, hatter & furrier
White1863Fish, Thomas, hatter, and collector for Essex Provident Society, Newland Street
Pigot1826Fisk, George, attorney
Kelly1937Fitzgerald, E. G. Carlow, London road
Kelly1933Flat Coated Retriever Association (Geo. H. Gibson, sec.), Bradwell house, Collingwood rd
Kelly1933Fleming, Maj. Atherton, 24 Newland st
Kelly1937Fleming, Maj. Atherton, 24 Newland st
Kelly1866Fleuty, Miss
Kelly1870Fleuty, Miss
Kelly1874Fleuty, Miss
Kelly1878Fleuty, Miss
Kelly1882Fleuty, Miss
Kelly1906Fleuty, Robert, wheelwright, Bridge st
Kelly1908Fleuty, Robert, wheelwright, Bridge st
Kelly1910Fleuty, Robert, wheelwright, Bridge st
Pigot1826Fleuty, Wm., wheelwright
Pigot1839Fleuty, William, wheelwright, Witham
Post Office1845Fleuty, William, wheelwright, Bridge st
White1848Fleuty, William, wheelwright, Bridge Street
Post Office1855Fleuty, William, wheelwright
Post Office1859Fleuty, William, wheelwright
Kelly1862Fleuty, William wheelwright
White1863Fleuty, William, wheelwright etc.
Kelly1866Fleuty, William, wheelwright
Kelly1870Fleuty, William, wheelwright
Kelly1874Fleuty, William wheelwright
Kelly1878Fleuty, William, wheelwright
Kelly1882Fleuty, William, wheelwright
Kelly1886Fleuty, William, wheelwright
Kelly1890Fleuty, William, wheelwright
Kelly1895Fleuty, William, wheelwright
Kelly1899Fleuty, William, wheelwright, Bridge st
Kelly1902Fleuty, William, wheelwright, Bridge st
Kelly1890Flude, Joseph Thomas Globe P.H
Kelly1874Ford, Annie (Miss), ladies' school
Kelly1878Ford, Annie (Miss), ladies' school
Kelly1882Ford, Annie (Miss), ladies school
Post Office1859Forster, Rev. John [Baptist minister], Chipping hill
Kelly1862Forster, Rev. John [Baptist], Chipping hill
White1863Forster, Rev. John (Baptist), Maldon Road
Kelly1866Forster, Rev. John [Baptist], Chipping hill
Kelly1874Forster, Rev. John [Baptist], Freeland villa, Maldon road
Kelly1866Forster, Miss M. A.
Kelly1933Foster, Fredk. Hy. mngr. of Lloyds Bank Ltd. High st
Kelly1937Foster, Fredk. Hy. mngr. of Lloyds Bank Ltd. High st
Kelly1870Foster, C. & Sons, engineers, millwrights, iron & brass founders & boiler makers, Star iron works
Kelly1874Foster, Charles, Cambridge villa
Kelly1878Foster, Charles, Cambridge villa
Pigot1826Foster, John, boot and shoe maker
White1848Foster, Joseph, farmer, Blunt's hall and Wheelers
White1848Foster, Joseph, farmer, Blunt's hall and Wheelers
Post Office1859Foster, Joseph, farmer, Blunt's hall
Kelly1862Foster, Joseph, farmer, Blunt's hall
White1863Foster, Joseph, farmer, Blunt's Hall
Kelly1866Foster, Joseph, farmer, Blunts hall
Kelly1870Foster, Joseph, farmer, Blunts hall
Kelly1874Foster, Joseph, farmer, Blunts hall
Kelly1878Foster, Joseph, farmer, Blunts hall
Kelly1886Foster, Josiah railway inspector
Kelly1890Foster, Josiah, railway insp. Millfield ter
Kelly1895Foster, Josiah, railway insp. Church st
Post Office1845Foster, Miss Margaret, dressma. High st
White1848Foster, Margaret (Miss), milliner, Newland Street
Pigot1839Foster, Miss, milliner or dressmaker, Witham
Post Office1855Foster, Misses
Kelly1878Fountaine, Edward, White Hart commercial inn & posting house
Kelly1914Fowler, Miss, Horwood house
Kelly1890Fowler, Mrs. Grove terrace
Kelly1895Fowler, Mrs. Horwood house
Kelly1899Fowler, Mrs. Horwood house
Kelly1902Fowler, Mrs. Horwood house
Kelly1906Fowler, Mrs. Horwood house
Kelly1908Fowler, Mrs. Horwood house
Kelly1910Fowler, Mrs. Horwood house
Kelly1912Fowler, Mrs. Horwood house
Kelly1917Fowler, Robert Copp, Horwood house
Kelly1910Francis, Edward A. grocer. High st
Kelly1912Francis, Edward A. grocer, High st
Kelly1914Francis, Edward A grocer, High st
Kelly1917Francis, Edward A. grocer, High st
Kelly1922Francis, Edward A. grocer, High st
Kelly1926Francis, Edward A. grocer, High st. TN 14
Kelly1929Francis, Edward A. grocer, High st. T N 24
Post Office1855Francis, George, agent to the Clerical, Medical & General life & Phoenix fire offices
Kelly1910Franklin, Hunter, grocer, High street
Kelly1912Franklin, Hunter, grocer, High street
Pigot1839Franklin, Thomas, butcher, Witham
Kelly1882Fraser, Archibald Henry, surgeon
Kelly1882Fraser, Archibald Henry
Kelly1886Fraser, Archibald Henry, physician & medical officer & public vaccinator, Witham district, Braintree union
Kelly1886Fraser, Archibald Henry
Universal1793Fraser, Benjamin (White Hart Inn)
Kelly1886Fraser, Rev. Wm. Fras. M.A. The Limes
Kelly1926French, Hon. Louis Richd. Blunt's hall
Kelly1866Frost, Samuel, beer retailer. Maldon road
Kelly1870Frost, Samuel, beer retailer, Maldon road
Kelly1933Frost, Wm. Hy. shopkpr. 145 High st
Kelly1937Frost, Wm. Hy. shopkpr. 145 High st
Kelly1878Fulcher, William, Angel
Kelly1937Fuller, Fredk. H. butcher, 8 Church st. Chipping Hill. TN 75
Kelly1929Fuller, Fredk. H, butcher, Church st. Chipping Hill. T N 75
Kelly1933Fuller, Fredk. H. butcher, Church st. Chipping Hill. T N 75
Pigot1839Fuller, Henry, smith, Witham
Post Office1845Fuller, Henry, farrier & blacksmith
Pigot1823Fuller, James, farrier
Kelly1882Fuller, James, boot manuf. High street
Kelly1886Fuller, James, boot manuf. High street
Kelly1890Fuller, James, boot manufacturer
Kelly1895Fuller, James, boot maker
Kelly1899Fuller, James, boot maker, High street
Kelly1902Fuller, James, boot maker, High street
Kelly1906Fuller, James, boot maker, High street
White1848Fuller, Mary Ann, blacksmith, Newland Street
Pigot1839Fuller, Nehemiah, smith, Witham
White1848Fuller, Nehemiah, blacksmith, Maldon Road
Pigot1839Fuller, Robert, gardener, Cheping hill
Pigot1823Fuller, Thomas, farrier
Post Office1859Fuller, Thomas, blacksmith & farrier
Kelly1862Fuller, Thomas, blacksmith & farrier
White1863Fuller, Thomas, blacksmith, Newland Street
Kelly1866Fuller, Thomas, blacksmith & farrier
Kelly1870Fuller, Thomas, blacksmith & farrier
Kelly1874Fuller, Thomas, blacksmith & farrier
Kelly1878Fuller, Thomas, blacksmith & farrier
Kelly1882Fuller, Thomas, blacksmith & farrier
Kelly1886Fuller, Thomas blacksmith & farrier
Post Office1855Fuller, Thomas Henry, blacksmith & farrier
Kelly1870Fuller, William Harvey, upholsterer &c.
Kelly1874Fuller, William Harvey, upholsterer &c
Kelly1878Fuller, William Harvey, upholsterer &c
Kelly1886Fuller, William Harvey, upholsterer &c
Kelly1890Fuller, William Harvey, upholsterer &c
Kelly1895Fuller, William Harvey upholsterer &c
Kelly1882Fuller, William Henry, upholsterer &c
Kelly1878Fyson, Brothers, coal merchants