Witham people from 1793 to 1837, in Directories


PublisherYearPeople, in name order. Most have a trade, a few are just residents
Kelly1937Y.M.C.A. Boys Club (F.B.King hon. sec)
Kelly1933Yardley, Robert Blake. 4 Newland st
Kelly1937Yardley, Robert Blake, 4 Newland st
Kelly1902Youll, C. Berkeley
Kelly1906Youll, C. Berkeley
Kelly1908Youll, C. Berkeley, Wethersfield lodge,
Kelly1910Youll, C. Berkeley, Wethersfield lodge
Pigot1823Youngman, P., Essex & Suffolk fire office
Pigot1823Youngman, Philip, bookseller and printer
Pigot1826Youngman, Philip, bookseller, &c.