Witham people from 1793 to 1837, in Directories


PublisherYearPeople, in name order. Most have a trade, a few are just residents
Kelly1926Jacks, Charles Henry, Batford
White1848Jackson, Moses, academy, Newland Street
Post Office1855Jackson, Moses, boarding academy & secretary to literary institution, Ivy chimneys
Kelly1933James, Alfred Ronald, Caringa, Collingwood road
Kelly1937James, Alfred Ronald, Caringa, Collingwood road
Pigot1826Jarman, John, tailor
White1848Jarvis, Hannah (Mrs.), Newland street
Post Office1855Jarvis, Jane (Miss), milliner
Pigot1839Jarvis, Mrs., Witham
Kelly1866Jay, Alfred Rice veterinary surgeon & government cattle inspector
White1848Jeffares, Harman (Major), Guithavon Street
Kelly1914Jeffery, George, George P.H
Kelly1917Jeffery, George, George P.H.
Kelly1922Jeffery George, George P.H
Kelly1929Jenkinson Douglas, Kimbercliffe, Guithavon valley
Kelly1929Jenkinson Douglas M.I.M. & Cy.E. surveyor & inspector of nuisances to the Witham Urban District Council, Public offices, Collingwood rd
Kelly1874Jewell, Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker
Kelly1878Jewell, Eliza (Mrs.), dressmaker
Kelly1882Jewell, Eliza (Mrs.), dress maker
Kelly1886Jewell, Eliza (Mrs.) & Georgina (Miss), dress makers
Kelly1890Jewell, Eliza (Mrs.) &. Georgina (Miss), dress makers
Kelly1895Jewell, Eliza (Mrs.) & Georgina (Miss), dress makers
Kelly1899Jewell, Eliza (Mrs.) & Georgina (Miss), dress makers, High street
Kelly1902Jewell, Eliza (Mrs.) & Georgina (Miss), dress makers, High street
Kelly1906Jewell, Eliza.(Mrs.) & Georgina (Miss), dress makers, High street.
Kelly1908Jewell, Eliza (Mrs.) & Georgina (Miss) dress makers, High street
Kelly1910Jewell, Eliza (Mrs.) & Georgina (Miss), dress makers High .street
Kelly1912Jewell, Georgina (Miss) dress maker, High street
Kelly1914Jewell, Georginna (Miss), dress maker, High street
Kelly1917Jewell, Georginna (Miss), dress maker, High street
Kelly1922Jewell, Georginna (Miss), dress maker, High street
Kelly1926Jewell, Georginna (Miss), dressmaker, High street
Post Office1855Jewry, Ann (Miss), schoolmstrss (Natnl)
Kelly1862Johns & May, fellmongers
White1863Johns and May, fellmongers, and at Chelmsford, Mill Hill
Kelly1866Johns & May, fellmongers; & at Chelmsford
Kelly1870Johns & May, fellmongers, & at Chelmsford
White1848Johns, W. and T., tawers and fellmongers, (and Chelmsford)
Kelly1874Johns, W. & T. fellmongers; & at Chelmsford
Kelly1878Johns, W. & T, fellmongers; & at Chelmsford
Kelly1882Johns, W. & T. fellmongers; & at Chelmsford
Kelly1886Johns, W. & T. fellmongers
Kelly1890Johns, W. & T. fellmongers &c.
Kelly1895Johns, W. & T. fellmongers &c
Kelly1899Johns, W. & T. fellmongers &c
Post Office1855Johns, William & Thomas, fellmongers; & at Chelmsford
Post Office1859Johns, William & Thomas, fellmongers; & at Chelmsford
Kelly1929Johnson Bros. (Dyers) Ltd. dyers & cleaners, 58 High st
Post Office1845Johnson, John, coach builder, High st
White1848Johnson, John, coach and harness maker, Newland Street
Post Office1855Johnson, John, coachbldr. & harness ma
Post Office1859Johnson, John, coachbldr. & harness ma
Kelly1908Johnson, Miss, High street
Pigot1839Johnson, Misses (day school) Witham
Kelly1929Johnson, Thos. W. insur. agt. 62 Mill la
Kelly1933Johnson, Thos. W. insur. agt. 62 Mill la
Kelly1937Johnson, Thos. W. insur agt. 62 Mill la
Post Office1855Johnstone, Thomas, maltster
Post Office1855Johnstone, Thomas James, maltster; & at Aveley
Kelly1906Jones, Rev.Charles Septimus (Cath)
Kelly1908Jones, Rev. Charles Septimus (Cath)
Kelly1910Jones, Rev. Charles Septimus (Cath)
Kelly1912Jones, Rev. Charles Septimus (Cath)
Kelly1922Jones, Frederick farm bailiff to Edmund Pelly esq. Lodge farm
Kelly1929Jones, G. E. Finton (Mrs.) & Westbrook N. M. (Miss), ladies' hairdrssrs. London ho. High st
White1863Joslin, George, shopkeeper, Bridge Street
Universal1793Josling, Robert, Farmer
Pigot1826Josling, Mr. Samuel
Kelly1862Joslyn, George, shopkeeper
Kelly1870Joslyn, George, beer retailer
Kelly1874Joslyn, George, insurance agent
Kelly1878Joslyn, George, insurance agent