Lee, Mrs Christina, nee Broyd

Notes on Mrs Christina Lee, nee Broyd

See interview tape 72.

Born  c 1905/6. Nee Broyd

Joseph and Gertie Broyd. Father a traffic inspector on the railway. In First World War organised troop trains.

School Maldon Road school. Then Braintree High School.

Sister older, and brother born during First World War, i.e. eleven years after Christina.

Lived Braintree Road as girl. Left with family for Ipswich when about seventeen and came back to Witham in 1928 when married. Then first in bungalow at top of Avenue built by Mr Lee, next to mother in law. Then ‘Marlowe’, Collingwood Road, by 1930/31.
At time of interview in 1983 Mrs Lee lived alone at 12 Nicholas Court.

1928, Reginald Lee, who started in building business with John Dean and then did the office side of the work when Dean sold the business to Adams and Mortimer. He had a lot of relatives in Australia. Away a lot during Second World War.

Three, two boys and a girl (Jennifer), first a boy born 1930-31. Boys boarded at Bedford Modern School. Daughter went to Chelmsford to school then emigrated to Australia.

Relevant documents

Electoral register 1920
At Jubilee Terrace, Braintree Road, Joseph Vilet Broyd and Gertie Broyd.

Electoral register 1930
At Sesame, the Avenue, Agnes Lee, Reginald Herbert Lee and Christina Florence Lee.

Electoral register, 1938
At Marlowe, Collingwood Road, Reginald Herbert Lee, Christina Florence Lee and Agnes Susannah Lee.

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