Three walks round Witham

Each of these three files contains the details of a single walk around part  of Witham, including photographs and descriptions. Click on the one you want, and you’ll see the route and the history.

Although the walks were written in 2005, I think that they will mostly still be familiar today, especially to people with long memories.

They first appeared in my book  “A History of Witham”. If you click this title you will see how to download the whole book onto your computer.

Neither the book nor the walks can be amended on the readers’ computers (they are PDF files).

Janet Gyford

4 thoughts on “Three walks round Witham”

  1. Hi Janet
    I was going to ask if we could use the walks for u3a in January, do you think you will have them back by then?

    1. Hello Jane. Sorry I am not very good at looking at website comments – I think I am supposed to receive emails from WordPress about them but I don’t. I don’t know when you wrote this ! Anyway yes, good idea, I’d be pleased the walks’d be used. The only thing is that they’re not actually on the website just now,but I hope they’ll be back there soon, I’ll let you know. They’ll be just the same as the ones in the book, I’m (or Phil will) be fiddling to get them to fit better.

      I’ve got some more bits about the Collingwood Road trees to send you.

      I’m slaving over my website about Chipping Hill bridge just now.

      Probably best use email next if that’s OK.

      All the best


    1. Hello Andrew
      Thank you so much for your encouragement, that’s so kind of you. Putting the walks on the website caused quite a few headaches, until I decided to just go back to the 2005 version from the book. So it’s great to know that it’s still walkable and interesting. Thank you.

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