Three walks round Witham

Walk 1: Round the ancient earthworks Walk 2: The village of Chipping Hill Walk 3: The Town Centre Each of these three files contains the details of a single walk around part  of Witham, including photographs and descriptions. Click on the one you want, and you’ll see the route and the history. Although the walks … Continue reading “Three walks round Witham”

Bridge Home, Historic Building Assessment, 2003

        BRIDGE HOSPITAL, WITHAM, ESSEX Historic Building Assessment   (copy of a report provided to Janet Gyford by Robert Kinchin Smith)   Prepared by: RPS Planning Transport & Environment, Oxford August 2003 RPS Planning Transport & Environment Mallams Court 8D Milton Park Abingdon Oxon OX14 4RP   Tel       01235 821888 Fax      01235 820351 … Continue reading “Bridge Home, Historic Building Assessment, 2003”

The Union Workhouse, later The Bridge Home

  SUMMARY OF THE HISTORY by Janet Gyford, updated August 2003 See also This is by Peter Higginbottom who is a specialist in the history of workhouses and has taken a particular interest in Witham. See also the post on  “Bridge Home architects’ report 2003, (without assessment)” et al.  THE WITHAM UNION WORKHOUSE, c.1838-80 … Continue reading “The Union Workhouse, later The Bridge Home”

First World War. 06. The Red Cross Hospital and the VADs in Witham

Witham in the First World War. 06. The Red Cross Hospital and the VADs Much of the information was generously supplied by the British Red Cross Society. For a list of other chapters about WW1, click here. _____________________________ General information about VADs etc:- 1909 (from schoolnet web site) It was decided to form Voluntary Aid … Continue reading “First World War. 06. The Red Cross Hospital and the VADs in Witham”