The Observer Corps’ Cold War bunker

The remains of a cold war ‘bunker’ are situated underground in the middle of a field, near the road from Witham to Hatfield Peverel. ____________________________________________ A series of photos taken in 2021 by Peter Green will be included in the Photos section of this website, numbersĀ  M3147 to M3165. ____________________________________________ An anonymous report written on … Continue reading “The Observer Corps’ Cold War bunker”

Three walks round Witham

Walk 1: Round the ancient earthworks Walk 2: The village of Chipping Hill Walk 3: The Town Centre Each of these three files contains the details of a single walk around partĀ  of Witham, including photographs and descriptions. Click on the one you want, and you’ll see the route and the history. Although the walks … Continue reading “Three walks round Witham”