Ebenezer Smith

  Ebenezer Smith, 1871-1946: railwayman, Chairman of the Witham Urban District Council, specialist in housing, President of Maldon Divisional Labour Party, President of the Brotherhood, JP. Unless otherwise stated, the information comes from the Braintree and Witham Times (which was founded in 1929). Sometimes I have written it out in full, and sometimes it is … Continue reading “Ebenezer Smith”

Women’s rights and suffrage in Witham

Women’s rights and suffrage in Witham In the 19th century, women could vote in elections for local bodies if they lived in houses of sufficient rateable value, and this included some poorer women, though they were rarely able to become really involved in the town’s affairs. The Co-op did have a female committee member from … Continue reading “Women’s rights and suffrage in Witham”