Ebenezer Smith

  Ebenezer Smith, 1871-1946: railwayman, Chairman of the Witham Urban District Council, specialist in housing, President of Maldon Divisional Labour Party, President of the Brotherhood, JP. Unless otherwise stated, the information comes from the Braintree and Witham Times (which was founded in 1929). Sometimes I have written it out in full, and sometimes it is … Continue reading “Ebenezer Smith”

Unemployment between 1921 and 1936

  Unemployment in the Witham area, 1921 to 1936 1921 Crittall’s A difficult year. Continued collapse of post-war boom. Miners’ strike in May so coal shortage. But still lots of windows sold. (ERO T/Z 67, page 112). UDC Finance Committee, 29 August 1921, page 113 Wages of Council’s workmen to be reduced 4s 6d in … Continue reading “Unemployment between 1921 and 1936”