Some strikes in Witham Not comprehensive, just oddments Also search Interviews   Farmworkers, 19th century See : Arthur Brown, Poverty and Prosperity, etc   19 May 1876, Chelmsford Chronicle, page 2 ‘Hatfield Peverel. A meeting was held at this place on Saturday the 6th instant, in connection with the NALU, when a large number … Continue reading “Strikes”

Unemployment between 1921 and 1936

  Unemployment in the Witham area, 1921 to 1936 1921 Crittall’s A difficult year. Continued collapse of post-war boom. Miners’ strike in May so coal shortage. But still lots of windows sold. (ERO T/Z 67, page 112). UDC Finance Committee, 29 August 1921, page 113 Wages of Council’s workmen to be reduced 4s 6d in … Continue reading “Unemployment between 1921 and 1936”

Street lighting by gas and electricity

STREET LIGHTING IIN WITHAM BY GAS AND ELECTRICITY Notes of meetings of the public bodies concerned See also the separate report on gas in general If not from a newspaper, the items from the Witham Board of Health, the Witham Urban District Council (UDC), and the Witham Gas Company are from the original documents in … Continue reading “Street lighting by gas and electricity”

First World War. 04. Everyday Life in Witham

Witham in the First World War. 04. Everyday Life For a list of other chapters about WW1, many of which also refer to everyday life, click here. For relevant interviews with Witham people, see the category ‘Interviews’ and search for War. Most of what is written below is in the form of summary notes. Phrases … Continue reading “First World War. 04. Everyday Life in Witham”